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  • Discontinued or changed parts...

    Ok ... I've been gone for awhile and I have been looking back through the previos topics and haven't seen anything along this line...I hope this peaks some of your interests...

    Brunswick and a few other companies have either changed or discontinued parts. I have argued the point with them, but to no avail. Maybe, by myself, I mean nothing to them. But, there are many of us here and we should be listened to as a group. If any of you agree with my take on the following your parts distributor and voice your opinion. If enough of us say something...maybe some changes will come about.

    The latest has been the discontinuing of the 12-450037-600 High performance cross conveyor belt. I heard about this belt here on Bowl-Tech. I started to order them and was told a month ago it has been discontinued. WHY...They told me they weren't selling enough of them. 1 year ago...I didn't even know they existed. If it wasn't for Bowl-Tech, I would have never known they were out there. And now they are gone...

    Here is one that is years old. 10-690001. This is a ball joint on the A-2 style preference system. The threaded stud of the ball joint is too long. To install it on the even lane, you have to add a washer to keep the stud from rubbing against and binding up on the return track. I discussed this a few years back and was told they had always been made that way. Give me a break...if they were always that way, then why doesn't every even lane have a washer there? The only ones I've seen made correctly are the ones Murrey sells. The stud on theirs is the proper length.

    Anybody else have any parts they have had problems with? I will post a new part here from time to time and see what you all think about the problem with them. Together, we can be heard. Maybe someone will listen.
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    Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

    Here's 2 I ran across last year...forgive me for not having part #' manuals aren't with me just now:

    1. The clamp that holds the little copper wire brush to clean the accelerator belt...mounts on a stud up under the motor plate.

    2. The brace that holds the large X-pin that the long, curved restristed drop link rides on....mounts to the main crossbrace w/2 bolts.

    Anybody got any extras?? LOL

    "cursing at a pinsetter near you..."


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      Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

      Here is another discontinued item I have liked using and I can't seem to get an answer from anybody as to why it has been discontinued...DBA 3001 HD. Most know it as Blue Genie compound. Does anybody have a replacement that works as well or better???
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        Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

        how about when brunswick decided to put -001 on all of the hardware instead of the -000. makes it fun to order some parts [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif[/img]

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          Re: Discontinued or changed parts...


          The bracket you are reffering to (the one that mounts to the deck shaft) is still available. They just changed the number. It is now 12-350178. It replaces the restricted drop bracket, and the detector rod bracket. They just combined the two parts.

          I know it's still available, because I ordered 2 of them last friday.

          Now the brush clip P.N 12-502318...I don't know.

          As far as this topic goes...

          We used to have some black accelerator belts (long) that outlasted any of the other ones we ever had. They lasted a good 20 years, before we had to replace them. They never gave any problems of shifting or anything. The blue ones, which suppusedly are the replacement for them, work well, but just dont last as long.

          There are some others, but I'll leave it with that.
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            Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

            Brunswick changed their pit boards a long time ago because they lasted too long. The original boards had a rubber pad about 1/4" thick under the
            carpet. I removed pinsetters in a 20 lane center in 1976. 19 out of 20 were the original boards
            with pads. I believe they were about 25 years old.

            Suggestion: if anyone is having ball spinning
            problems you might want to do this: turn pinsetter off, run ball wheel by hand to get pit
            board in its closest position to the ball wheel,
            try to set a ball in the gap between upper pit
            frame &amp; ball wheel. If you can get one to sit
            there you may have found a problem. They should
            drop to the ball wheel.

            This problem I have found in numerous centers that
            had older pinsetters. In my opinion the problem
            arises once the old pit boards with rubber are
            replaced with ones without it. By replacing the
            board you lost 1/2" height because the pad wrapped
            underneath the board also.

            To fix this problem you probably have to lower your elevator ( 1 1/2 hr. job ). If you shim the
            rear of your pit frame you may lose pin movement.
            If you shim up all 4 corners of pit frame, you may
            have a problem with ABC specifications of height
            from the top of pin deck to top of pit board
            measured from the tail plank.

            I hope this helps someone.
            Imagine how much money has been made on replacement pit boards. I havn't touched a
            pinsetter in 5 years. I had older parts book that
            listed the pad but it was permanently unavailable.

            I am surprised at the lack of interest on this
            board (changed parts). There are other items I
            will post if there is interest. I would appreciate people posting of new improvements that
            came out the last few years. I guess its in my blood.

            retired &amp; still learning,




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              Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

              Ballwall bumpers
              Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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                Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

                Turret frame assemblies


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                  Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

                  Changing the stud the turret stop yoke latch rides on to that cheapo stud and sleeve arrangement irked me somewhat


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                    Re: Discontinued or changed parts...

                    AMF Chairs made by SOHO Contract group. We purchased these chairs and before our warranty even expired I could not get the chair backs or any other parts for them. We had 15 broken backs before the one year warranty expired. AMF helped us out and would give us a discount if we bought new chairs from them???? What??? We just bought "New" chairs from you??

                    Ended up having to use 4 3/4" conduit straps to fix them.


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