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  • Rake adjustments

    I am looking for some information about adjusting the height of the rake to reduce out pins in the gutter problem. When the rake comes down after the first ball there is a large space bettween the lane and the bottom of the rake, this is where the pins will sometimes get out. But, by the time the rake gets all the way to the back of the deck it is with-in 1/2" or so of the lane. What I am wondering is if there is a adjustment to make the rake sweep parallel with the lane. Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Re: Rake adjustments

    Rake adjustments Adjustments #2 Page 6-7 and #3 Page 6-9 Brunswick Preventive Maintenance Manual

    Check out <font color= blue>Adjustment #3 Rake Board Height Adjustment</font> first

    "This adjustment is to ensure that the rake board stays at the correct height above the lane surface during the entire sweep motion..."

    One other thing to note is that the rake does not sweep parallel to the lane

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      Re: Rake adjustments


      Grease monkey's right, a brunswick rake will NEVER be parallel to the lane at all times, nor should it be. When the rake cam is properly timed, the rake will always lift up slightly at 180, in order to clear any pins that the neck is caught between the rake board and pindeck when it gets to 180. I actually look for that hitch upward as the sign of a well-timed cam.

      My opinions on rake adjustments:

      Cam Timing: most critical, as all other adjustments can be right, and this one will cause rake to sweep funky anyway.

      Rake shock length ("C" lever gap): Controls the height of the rake after the shotgun triggers, where your problem is coming from now.

      Shotgun length/gap adjustment: Just enough for it to re-latch reliably all the time. Gun should re-latch with no hesitation, Indeed, with the rake cam off the high dwell, if you stop the machine at the point where it's supposed to re-latch, you should be able to open/close the gun latch with no pressure at all.

      Sweep links: Controls the height at the LOWEST point in the rake's path, which is between the 2-3 and 4-5-6 rows. Usually I'll set this one to where my second knuckle will just fit between the bottom of the rake board and the pindeck (about 1/2"), if the machine likes to spit pins out, I've gone down as low as a strong 1/4"

      Be advised that the adjustments do affect each other, especially the rake shock/gun gap. Gun gap will also affect sweep link length, but the cam timing can fool you into making one of the others wrong to try to compensate.

      Hope this helps:



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        Re: Rake adjustments

        I would also suggest to start with the effective shotgun length, (ie) c-lever should have 1/4 to 5/16 in clearance between it and rake shaft when at zero.
        Next, set shock adjustment at forty five as you noted, run rake to 180, check gap between rake arm and machine cross tube mounting frame, should have about 1 in clearance, adjust crank link to obtain , then set rake sweep hook forward clearance with rake stops. Then go to the two/three pin position to set rake height.
        Rake adjustments are some of the most complex of all, as first and foremost they are predicated upon the number one adjustment of all, that being the deck lift shaft adj. If the machine is not positioned correctly over the spots, neither can the crank link and rake cam timing be correctly correlated, and thus result in rakes running into light bars, as well as too high at 45.

        An interesting aside: some time ago (MASTERNUT) posted a wonderful explanation of rake cam timing, which I think is must reading for all concerned. With your comp. prowess, maybe you can highlight that for this thread. I have always thought it was one of the most cogent items brought out in this forum and as such should be preserved in some manner.I/m not sure even Bruns. understands rake timing as well as William does


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          Re: Rake adjustments

          also don't forget to check the gutter depth keep
          it as high as the a.b.c. allows this will also
          help your bowlers kick out the corner pins.
          the little things cause the big problems


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