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Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?


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  • Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

    While (as always) trying to decide the best place(s) to spend my (always limited) parts and upgrade budget... I hit upon a question (yet again) that I'd like some opinions on...

    I've got 8 lanes of Brunswick 'A' machines, fairly stock. Now, one thing that I've been working on is getting everything (or at least as much as I can [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] ) running up to 'spec'.

    In doing this, I found that somewhere along the way the machines had their dashpots cranked out all the way for pretty much 'instant' triggering. Looks impressive, but not really inline with ABC/WIBC specifications.

    So... I started adjusting the machines to more proper timing, and as you might guess saw an increase in 'deadwood' calls due to the delayed sweep drop, and an increase in people whacking the reset buttons or calling over to the desk with either ball calls or 'the machine won't run' since they did not see the 'instant' action they had become accustomed to and there is not obvious indication that the machine has indeed triggered until the delay on the dashpot runs out.

    So yet again I'm back into the catalogs looking for options. The 'quick drop rake' upgrades look easy enough, but at $400/machine that is a awful bite in the budget at the moment...

    And so on to the question:

    Are the quick drop rake upgrades (conversions) really worth it in the long run?

    If I am to spend this type of money at the moment, I would as rather equip the rest of the machines with electronic triggering. I've put one lane in as a test - REALLY like it! Especially with kids parties and light balls. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

    But, I end up wondering if that is just my 'gadget' side talking real loud? Opinions???

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    Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?


    The rake drop on "A" machines also adds one other thing, the cushion lifts immediately, letting the ball get back sooner. It would be worthwhile to see if the machine's done cycling before the ball gets back, If so, the rake drop will help speed things up (can't bowl without a ball, after all)

    If you go whole hog (like the zot triggering, tied in with the zot cycle solenoid and the quick drop (shotgun), the dashpots can be eliminated altogether, you can run 90 weight oil in the gearbox (as opposed to the 10-40 dashpot machines require, which will lengthen the life of the 4/1 bronze gears), and you can have the time delay adjusted electronically, which is far more accurate (you don't need as long as ABC specs, because the cycle speed of an A gives built-in time delay... LOL!!!)

    Costly initially, yes, but will pay off in the long run. If you have any system questions, talk to PJ at zot, he's a straight shooter, and may have a "one step at a time approach" to get you there without laying out all the cash at one time.

    On triggering systems, I'd stay away from the ones that wire into the reset buttons, one A house up here has that type setup, and he goes through relays/solenoids more often than I'd want to if I were in your shoes:



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      Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

      I would go for the Minikit by Brunswick with the time delay mod upgrade.Take data kits if you have scoring.This kit gets all 75 pounds of cushion off the 1:1 saves A lot of wear and tear on the pinsetters.


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        Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

        Jim, I also had "straight As" I added the electronic triggering first. As you stated, pin in the gutters went up. Next I added the quick drops. I simply got some use "shotgun" assemblies and rebuilt them. they don't fit perfect but still work fine. I added the electronic rake trips and Presto!! I had almost A-2s. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] Installing the Zot low voltage soleniod for the clutch is a good idea. The orginal solenoids were not designed to trip the clutch every ball. With the addition of ball boosters; my Old "dinosaurs"have a very fast ball return and the bowlers will think you performed some kind of miracle!!

        Have fun with it!! billman
        let me be myself


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          Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

          Hey Jim
          It is a good idea to go with either a zot conversion or go with the brunswick mini jet back conversion.
          We went with the brunswick conversion which added the shotgun and a-2 cushions.
          I do not know about the zot conversion but I can give you a heads up on the mini a-2 conversion.
          If you have the old wooden pit boards they will soon need to be replaced with fibreglass.
          Removing the hockey sticks and installing the a-2 pit cushion will wear out the wooden boards.
          Just another expense you might want to consider.


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            Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

            I vote Elec. triggering 100%!! As for a few extra'll keep your pin jumper on his toes!!

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              Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

              Quote:]Originally posted by Mike West:
              I would go for the Minikit by Brunswick with the time delay mod upgrade.Take data kits if you have scoring.This kit gets all 75 pounds of cushion off the 1:1 saves A lot of wear and tear on the pinsetters.[/QUOTE]

              I'll dito this one! Must be a NJ thing........

              Charlie [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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                Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

                We have converted around 400 - 500 Brunswick A pinsetters to quick drop rakes. Their are many other options to consider in trying to speed up the A pinsetter. We have found out that the Brunswick Mini kit is not necessary in this type of conversion. Staying with the orginal pit cushion and arms has benifits. If you need more information or need materials, I can be reached at 716 731-3336 in the evenings and 716 297-0299 during the day.
                ED. J


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                  Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?

                  Another thing you might try to convert the old A's is eliminate the 90 degree over travel. It is a cheap upgrade, but with electrical triggering it really helps. Shotgun sweeps are nice but I would spend the money on triggers first.


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                    Re: Virtues of quick rake drop upgrade?


                    You may want to check with Bowltronics.
                    I tested a rake drop on a pair of A's in 1995.
                    I had to remove it do to some minor problems.
                    Richard at Bowltronics was designing it.
                    I used their triggering & foul lights on over
                    100 pinsetters and was very happy with performance. I've been retired & I don't know
                    if they have something for you.




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