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  • yo yo ing balls

    hi, new member, been in business 42 years at wits end with yoyos. have three or four kicker strips per wheel, we use defence oil 40 feet, good rods, adjusted right,good caps on lower and upper part of rods, resin and plain urethane ok, but we have plenty of plastic house balls, cosmic balls, and bowlers who just dont know any better than to use a black diamond or some other out dated ball. were running tailfeathers off help anyone?? thanks so much.
    ray miller

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    Re: yo yo ing balls

    Just an idea. What I found to work with the new oils and a wide mixture of cover stocks was to replace all the original spring rod springs with the two springs from the moving deck control cable.


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      Re: yo yo ing balls

      This is the scenario I found on two machines that were very troublesome on yo-yo's.

      Urethane bottom cap on front rod, plastic balls tended to bounce off, and not get into rods. Pin chaser raised the clapper block to get the ball to go in. When block came back down, it was too high, and the ball would yo-yo midway up, even with the rod clamps installed.

      I got whizzed about it, cut a piece of rubber rod cover long enough to replace the urethane cap, split it so I could get it over the rod, then drilled 4 sets of holes in it to attatch it to the rod with 4 wire ties (over the top of the rod, wire ties never touch the ball). Then lowered the rods, because the rubber simply grips the ball better. This gave the spring enough leverage to get the balls up with no problems, even without the rod clamps.

      I can post a pic if you're interested, it's cheaper than urethane cap, and far better on ball pickup at bottom of rods ...



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        Re: yo yo ing balls

        Yoyoing balls are a real challange and there is no one single answer but here are a few things you can try.
        1. Be sure to clean your rods and ball wheels often.I would clean the ball wheels daily.
        2.Be sure the ball wheel is in adjustment and all your guide rollers are good.
        3.many mechanics like to add a spring to the lift rod as was already mentioned.
        4.I had very good luck with the peel and stick kickers from vantage.They come in a roll and I would cut them about 2 ft long and put at least 3 on per wheel.
        5.Some mechanics like to take a piece of conduit
        ( I believe it was 3/4 inch or 1 inch I used to use)and cut a piece about a 1 inch or so,remove your spring from the spring rod and put the condiut on ,a flat washer and then your spring.This give the lift rods a little more pressure on the ball wheel.Hope these suggestion help ,Kevin is a good mechanic so his idea will probably work well too.Yoyoing balls are one of the reasons I'm glad I have GSX pinsetters. Goodluck.


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