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  • No Cycle has been quiet, so Ill whisper this one. Im still in the stage of looking for the cause but I thought I'd post this anyway. I have a Jap A2 that wont cycle anymore. Has Bruns. Elect. Triggering with AS-90 Scoring. For the last couple of weeks we have had a problem with the machine not wanting to cycle. It was intermittent so it took a while sitting on it to see what was going on. Didnt have to turn it off to reset the ETU, just had to push the reset button either up front or in back. What was happening was when the voltage was sent to the cycle solenoid, there wasnt enough "oompff" to pull the plunger up and start the cycle. Yesterday, it went out all together. Nothing at all. No voltage. Ive traced wiring from the solenoid back to the box, back to where it plugs into the cross brace, back to the mechanics control switches, even found a couple of questionable connections. Changed out the ETU, changed out the solenoid, changed the two microswitches for rake down and rake up. Nothing has changed. No cycle. Had an electrician (which I am no where near haha) who has helped out here before look at it yesterday, he had no luck. He looked at the schematic, but no luck. Also, when the main power switch on the box is turned on and the two switches on the rear of the pinsetter are off, there is a strange buzzing noise that I hear for a few seconds. Two of the lights on the ETU (the first one and third one) flicker along with this buzzing. ALSO, on top of the elec. box there are two fuse holders. When the one on the left is taken out, again with the two power switches off in back, the buzzing noise is constant and steady until I replace the fuse.

    The pinsetter will turn on and run fine. It just wont cycle. Yesterday got to the hair pulling stage after having to sit on it for a 150 kid group and triggering it by hand. I dont feel like doing that today.

    Any Ideas??? (Remember I am NOT an electrician and have had hardly any training electrically with these pinsetters, but I can fake my way thru it).

    Thanks in advance......rob
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    Re: No Cycle

    This is a tough one to reply to considering what is known about your pinsetters.(what voltage is comming in building,what voltage is powering pinsetter,which diagram the pinsetter is wired),
    but here is something to get you started.

    1.I would exchange the involed componets to other lanes,make sure you log where what is moved to.
    Move Time delay module to one lane,move cycle solonoid to another lane.See if the problem moves.

    2. Check your voltage to that to another pinsetter and post it.



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      Re: No Cycle

      After reading your post again I relize that you have already answerd all my questions.The problem is proberly in that pinsetter.Sorry....
      The time delay module,check the voltage on terminals 13-14 see if you have the correct voltage,is your rake up and down switch okay as far as adjustment,I am going to find the mannual for your triggring and get back with you...
      I am sure someone on here has the Brunswick triggering that canalso shed some light.



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        Re: No Cycle

        Hey Peanut....First off, "How 'Bout Them Cats"?

        I found the problem(s). #14 on the ETU wasnt making contact as the clip was falling off. Replaced and lights seemed to light up correctly. Wire going to #17 wire broken loose from reset "breaker". Diode on Take Data board not good (letting voltage run both ways). After doing that, it still wouldnt cycle, but things looked and sounded alot better, although after powering the pinsetter up it would black out after around 15 seconds. I remembered something about the microswitches that I read in a mini instruction book that came with the AS-90 stuff. It said one of those wasnt in use with the new system. So I opened up another Jap A2 lane and saw only two connections being used on the rake up microswitch. When I had replaced the microswitches yesterday I didnt have the same color switch as the older one already in the pinsetter control box. So I unhooked the extra one and Voila!! , she cycled!

        I swear I dont see how it ran at all before with so many things loose or wrong. Ive seen this before inside these old boxes. Strange.

        Thanks for your thoughts tho. Checking each 'leg' on the ETU for connectivity was prob the main problem.

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          Re: No Cycle

          I have experienced a high failure rate of the relays on the Bruns Electronic triggering boards. They do just as you described, and then just quit.

          You can buy some time by swaping the 2 relays on the board with each other. One is the cycle relay, the other is the lockout relay. The lockout relay uses the opposite contacts as the cycle relay so it'll be like new for a little while.

          If yo have this problem, and you have more relays go bad (which you will), rather than send the boards off to bruns for repair just order the relays. They are hard to find, but I just happened to find a source for them last night.

          Replacement Relays

          These should be an almost exact replacement.

          The buzzing noise you were hearing was one of the relays. I don't really know why, but some of them do that upon applying power to the pinsetter. Also the lights flashing is normal.

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            Re: No Cycle

            Thanks Adam. I do frequently check solder joints on these boards. The owner likes to send them off and pay for a repair. Id rather do a fix myself and save the money. I also have a high failure rate on the ETUs. The Z-Axis boards fail quite often on the floor monitors as well. Usually a solder issue. Again, why pay for someone to do what I can do. A meter and a soldering iron saves quite a bit of money.

            Thanks to all for the replies......rob
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