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sluggish turret


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  • sluggish turret

    Okay,just took over a 20 laner,factory A-2's,lane 2 the turret stops indexing and it can be at most any position!The pin gate locks up too after turret indexes and comes to a stop.It's almost like the pingate linkage is being pulled down.The indexing stop lever spring "seems" to be a little weak,could that spring cause the troubles?It can stop indexing at the 5 position,4,6,9,whenever it feels like it.Installed new short belt,clutch looks good but for bouncing in slides(none in stock),linkage is good and i lubed it all up too.Adjusted long turret belt.Re-Re-adjusted pin gate since the chaser did it but wanted me to look at over again.Halo is bent some but it's out of the way of the chute and pins, just enough to miss hitting them.Adjusted snubber(was too close).
    Indexing cam is not loose or bent/dinged up.No bolts protruding onto frame etc. I say...UNCLE and ask the mighty forum for hhheeellppp!Normally turrets don't bother me but there's always a first!Of course i'll post what i find.Thanks!!OH! Index cam is clean,the stop lever roller sure looks good too!Sorry it's long winded but ya need to know what the scoop is.

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    Re: sluggish turret

    It may be that its only the pin gate locking, or more precisely, failing to stay in unlocked mode. Try replacing the steped strap along with the roll pin in lock. Have gad good luck with the vantage type, nylon pingate straps. Adjust for clearance in the five pin position.
    Hope of some help.


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      Re: sluggish turret

      Welcome back nighthawk...the way you sounded before, I thought you were done with the bizz...Good luck with your new place.

      Kind of confused with your post...You say it just stops indexing. And the pin gate is locked? Sounds like that is the problem...the pin gate is locked...or does the turret stop halfway in between two wire forms? Just a little more info if it's something more than just the pin gate locking. Start with Roscoe's points...especially the roll pin in the pin gate latch.
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        Re: sluggish turret

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          Re: sluggish turret

          It sounds to me that the problem is that the turret won't index to the next position when a pin hits the trip lever. If that's the case, there is a chance that the clutch base plate is getting cocked in the slides creating a bind. When the turret stops indexing, the sudden stop causes the short belt to pull forward on the base plate. If it isn't sliding freely, the long belt cannot pull it back far enough so that the short belt can get a grip. Moving the turret by hand will usually get things going again temporarily, but the solution is to tighten and grease the slides.



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            Re: sluggish turret

            Here's the poop.I replaced the pin gate with the nylon style(i had to go get one elsewhere) and it had bowlers on that lane for 2 hours with NO calls.Thank you for the help! Really!
            The chaser "said" the strap he changed (steel style) was new,but after i took it off it was rounded with not much of a shoulder to keep the roll pin on it,i also twisted the tension spring for the pin gate so it stays up farther.I ordered new springs to do the house,soooo many are just about to crap out,all weak,stretched.I told the chaser what i did and patted him on the back for trying and told him i'll never yell at ya for trying!Thanks again for the help! I should have just replaced it but...duh-oh!It's over now.
            Yup...back in the bowlin' biz again,but i still wonder why i want to go nuts...LOL.


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              Re: sluggish turret

              Hey nighthawk
              Good job on replacing the pin gate strap.
              You might also want to check the roll pin or latch bolt that goes through the pin gate latch.
              The pin gate strap will wear a groove through the roll pin or the latch bolt which can cause pin gate locking problems.


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