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  • Timing Problem

    I need some help guys. I have a machine where the 4:1 Brass gear had about 7 teeth chewed off.....anyhow Changed it, now I can't get the timing proper.....Deck will not shift forward to "receive" pins from turret.....It was my first attempt at changing the 4:1 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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    Re: Timing Problem

    did you line up the timing gear when you insatlled the 4 to 1? that would be the first thing i would check. use the plug on the 2 to 1 cover. using an inspection mirror look to see if the "white" timing marks are in line together. i think you can see the marks at either 0 or 90 degrees. this is all assuming that your g-box cluth is in adjustment.

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      Re: Timing Problem

      It is difficult to see the timing marks on the 2:1 . you will need a very small mirror and flash light to see it ( hard to do while holding a 4:1).
      What I do is make sure the 1:1 is lined up first using the flash light mirror routine. Then while holding the 4:1 rotate the rake crank arm around to zero.( pin on rake crank even with 4:1 shaft. This should line up your timing marks on the 2:1 without looking. It is however to check those marks before reassembly. john b Quote:] [/QUOTE][QUOTE] just fix it
      John B
      just fix it


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        Re: Timing Problem

        add "good" to follow however in previous post.john b[QUOTE] just fix it
        John B
        just fix it


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          Re: Timing Problem

          Ahhh, the first one's always the most memorable.

          Quick checks on timing ...

          With no pins on deck, machine on first ball:
          At 90 degrees:
          Rake crank should be in same position as 0 degrees (varies depending on A or A-2 style 4/1)
          Deck should be at its lowest point (2/1)
          Slash mark on moving deck/scissor cam should run through the center of scissor cam follower (1/1).
          Strike cam follower should be precisely in the low dwell of the timing cam(detector)

          Basically, I'd put the machine with the deck and MD/scissor cams in the 90 degree position, then see if your 4/1 looks right. There are more detailed instructions on 4/1 r+r procedure in the reference section, if you need them:

          One other note if all the above looks right ... put the 4/1 in the 0 position, then look at the pear cam to see if it's on right. If installed out of time, will make for all sorts of weird behavior [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]


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            Re: Timing Problem

            Thanks everyone for your help.....I was off one tooth.....close but now I know.....much easier when you know what your doing......Hope my mechanic Gets Back Soon!!!!!!


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