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Pins wobble when respot at 270


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  • Pins wobble when respot at 270

    Last season we installed "Twister" pins in our Brunswick A pinsetters (they are gray pinsetters not older green pinsetters). The pinsetters have the deck lowering link not the "scotch yoke".

    When the pinsetter respots the pins at 270 degrees the pins will wobble and fall over. It is not always the same pin or the same pin position. I have adjusted the deck height, deck is level to lane, deck eccentric is ok, moving deck cable and scissor cables are ok. After all of the adjustments, the deck still makes a small shift back at 180 degrees when the pins are in the scissors. At which point the pins are set down on the edge of the pin. This happens on all pinsetters and randomly makes the pins wobble and fall over. I have talked to the "Twister" people and the swear I am the only person who is having the problem. However, we never had the problem with AMF pins or Brunswick pins. Ususally it is a single pin but not always. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Pins wobble when respot at 270

    A small shift in the moving deck when at 180 tells me that your moving deck cable is still too loose. I would also check your deck pads.

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      Re: Pins wobble when respot at 270

      Thanks for the reply....If I adjust/tighten the moving deck cable then the pinsetter will not set the pins correctly on first ball...the spotting fingers will touch the pins and make them wobble...the deck pads were put in new last bowling season.

      I think I am going to replace all of the pads on the scissors and see if that helps...doubt it will as they are all in pretty good shape. Thanks again!


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        Re: Pins wobble when respot at 270

        Billman's right on this one. It's the cable. Sometimes you'll have to play with the deck height to get it to work properly, even if it is what it's supposed to be. You may also want to check the deck shaft adjustments in the manual. (height and front to back placement)

        The cable should be adjusted with the deck in it's full rearward position. (approx 330 deg.) There should be a 1/2" gap from the center of the front bolt on the geneva cam, and the center of the roll pin that stops the moving deck from going too far back. Then set the deck height at 1" at 270 deg.

        I adjust my spotting with the deck height. I get the cable as close to spec as I can, and then fine tune the deck height to where the spotting fingers just barely brush against the pins to stabilize them. They spot true every time. Usually the deck height will remain anywhere from 15/16" to 1". Not exactly where it's supposed to be, but it has worked very well for me.

        P.S. Whenever adjusting deck height, ALWAYS re adjust the holding hook to spec. You may have to adjust the restricted drop linkage on the turret too.

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          Re: Pins wobble when respot at 270

          Been on GS's for a while, but here are several other things which might cause your problem.
          -worn tip on the moving deck cam follower(contacts the "flag")
          -worn blocking surface on the flag
          -loose pivot mount for the flag
          -loose moving deck cam follower pivot shaft

          If it's happening across the house, I would suspect it's one of the worn problems. By the way----- I wish I had a dollar for all the times when a manufacturer has told me "no one else is having that problem"!!!


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