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Maintenance cost ?


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  • Maintenance cost ?

    How much money, is it reasonable to spent on parts
    every year? Managment think that I spent too much
    money this year... $ 260. per pinsetters .what do you think???

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    Re: Maintenance cost ?

    260 canadian is a JOKE for pinsetter parts cost. With the cost of parts climbing recently, $350 US per machine is not unreasonable. But I won't waste time trying to salvage junk, I'll replace it first.

    Be interesting to see what BRC and AMF's BCO are figuring now ...

    10 years ago 300/machine was the number for annual parts, but it has to have gone up lately. My figure has been fairly steady after I got the place running decently and got rid of the duct tape and baling wire



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      Re: Maintenance cost ?

      About 5 years ago I was spending about 1000 a month so thats $12000 a year or $375 a lane. I'm a little higher now probably about $14000 a year or about $450 a lane. A lot depends on how good your machines are running. If they have been jury rigged for a while and your trying to get them back into shape, its going to cost you a little more. I've been at my center for over 20 years and I think my pinsetters are running excellant. Now these figures are strictly pinsetters parts. Not lane supplys, not oil, not parts for the ball cleaners, not scorers, just pinsetters.


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        Re: Maintenance cost ?

        BRC figures it down to the actual cost per game. And it also has to do with your service analysis numbers and last years bottom line for your center. For example; We scored 90% on pinsetters, 92 mechanical, and 97 safety on our service analysis.(Not to bad) After payroll and all the bills, we brought in a little over 1,000,000 dollors. To make a long math equation short, it comes down to less than 1 cent per line: maintenance cost. Our GM thinks otherwise and cuts costs even more. We get about 100$ per year per pinsetter. Of course we are in a situation where we want to raise our numbers, so we want to add 8 more hours to our week, to get more 51.20 work done. We talk to our Regional Service Manager(we have to go over our GM because he WONT go for it), to approve the hours. But being the business man our GM is he will want compensation by removing 1000$ from the pinsetter budget. Its all just a numbers game as far as it goes with BRC. To get extra money you have to run like crap. Once you get things up to par, they cut costs until you run like crap again. If we scored 90 on pinsetters while getting 500 frames per day per pinsetter(48), they figure why do they need to spend more? Its very frustrating, and a constant battle.
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          Re: Maintenance cost ?

          Aaron - I agree with you, its just the same in the UK. The management always want to cut you back but are the first to complain if you have a major breakdown because you haven't got a part or something.
          We spend our budget every month, but we always need something else, especially with our 45 yr old machines. A good manager will realise that good maintenance will be repaid many times over with good service and few breakdowns for your bowlers. You must have a reasonable stock of parts
          but you must also make sure your maintenance is up to scratch - don't give them anything to
          critizise you about. It sounds like you are doing a great job 1c per line is fantastic.


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            Re: Maintenance cost ?

            I am currently spending $.046 per game bowled. This allows me enough to complete normal PM and to continue to improve the machines with some modern additions like electronic triggering and motor shutdown kits. I have to be careful on some months, because unexpected "surprises" occur and we can't afford the additions. We have been running this pace for the last 5 years. (except the year 2000) My $.04 went farther 5 years ago, but we make do...

            This number is just pinsetters/pinspotters. Scoring, lane oil, lane cleaner, light bulbs...all of those are extra...entire building maintanence runs $.138 per game. That includes everything...A/C, broken windows, carpeting repairs, plumbing, electrical, ect...including pinsetters/pinspotters. I personally think AMF BCO has been very fair in the money they spend in the maintanence areas. But, I can only speak for my center and my manager. She understands the value of a well maintained bowling center. She and the company felt secure enough in our bowling center to host the 2000 US Open. That year we did spend $.057+ per game though...

            Figuring costs of maintanence is a tricky thing at best...and most owners/managers think this is the first place to cut costs to help a sagging bottom line. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many things to consider when allocating monies to the upkeep of your equipment. You must ask yourself if the condition of your equipment is acceptable at its present point, or is improvement in order. If the status quo is OK...$.015-$.030 should get your machines by. If you wish to improve your machines...plan on $.040 to $.085 depending on your goals, present situation and the amount of time involved.

            Now, I am only a mechanic stating numbers that your manager may or may not agree with. And if he/she feels you don't need alot of money for your machines...anything we say here won't be worth squat. I don't know too many managers that think mechanics have the slightest idea what profit and loss statements are or what they mean.

            So, having said all of that...get what you can get and be glad you have it. I do hope anything we have said here helps you in obtaining more cash...good luck [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
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              Re: Maintenance cost ?

              We spend about $.02 a game for pinsetter parts on our A-2s.We have 4 centers 116 A-2s and 42 lanes 8270.We spent $.065 per games last year on the 70s trying to get them to par. This we drop to $.047 this year and lower next year.Hopefully down to $.02. I agree alot with Steves numbers.



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