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Gearbox pin coming out


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  • Gearbox pin coming out

    We've recently noticed this "dowel pin" coming out. We've been checking it daily, but every 3 or 4 days it works its way out enough that you need drive it back in with a punch until it is flush with the plate (cycle the machine to get the cams out of the way).

    It goes in from the 7 pin side towards the gearbox. I'd say its about 3/16" diameter. It mounts through the detector plate. Looking from the 7 pin side, its in the top-left corner of detector plate. We found it because it had worked its way out enough to start contacting the scissor cam, and it started squealing. Scissor cam got scored up a little bit. I cannot find this pin called out in any gearbox breakdown schematics. I'm wondering if its some sort of alignment dowel pin. There is a bolt right next to it, down at about a 45 degree angle.

    This is on a Brunswick refurbished A2. I checked all our A's, no problem. I found another loose pin (same one) on another refurbished A2. Very loose, just shoved it in flush with plate, and covered with black tape so it won't come out. The one in the picture is tight, you have to drive it in with a punch. Wonder if I need to secure it in flush with some lock-tight?


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    Re: Gearbox pin coming out

    Very interesting, I see what you are talking about. When i get back to work on Tue. I will look into this more. I see it on our spare GB, I am very curious myself.
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      Re: Gearbox pin coming out

      Yes, that pin (and at least one other) aligns the assembly when you assemble it.

      I've heard of guys lock-titing them, the one you have coming loose is the one that's easy to get at ... what I'd try first is to take a center punch and put it real close to the edge of the steel plate, and smack a few dimples into the metal to stake the pin back in. Better yet, if you have a MIG, just slap a spot weld on it and forget it forever ... pin and plate are both steel ...

      THe one that I had grief from was the one down next to the flag ... tried staking it, finally had to pull the 1/1 just because that damn pin would work loose and interfere with the flag's motion:



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        Re: Gearbox pin coming out

        kevin, i feel your pain i had to pull a 1:1 just because of that $0.15 pin. it was pretty irritating. i think when i reassembled we scared the pin with a chisel and pressed it back it in.
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          Re: Gearbox pin coming out

          The pin in question is in fact a hardened 1/4" dowel pin. Do not try to knurl pin as it will result in metal flakes going to your eyeballs, it is as hard as a drill bit. Your best bet is to remove the pin completly, then the bolt, put locktite,(shaft mount), on the bolt and reinstall. Be advised, that the reason the dowel came loose in the first place is because all three of the the allen bolts are loose. One can, by removong the rake cam, and unhooking the flag, acess all three bolts, each at an individual point on machine timing. The reason for removing the dowel pin entirely, is the cover now has a limited life span, but as long as the bolt in question is tight(with locktight), wait until you have a cam loosness or a cracked cover to replace it.


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            Re: Gearbox pin coming out

            kevin we have the one your talking about I think causing some issues here I'll check to make sure and post back!
            Thank You All! For All the prayers and and the out pouring of good spirits in my time of need greatly appreciated!


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              Re: Gearbox pin coming out

              I have had some luck doing what Kevin suggested with punching them in and then punching the plate around the pin. Both of mine where behind the latch. Also as Roscoe said you will need to get all three bolt tight.
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                Re: Gearbox pin coming out

                Notice that red rust around that bolt? This is because your degree plate is loose. This is caused by excessive deck jams.

                Place your fingers on the degree plate while it cycles, notice the movement.

                You can get to 2 of the bolts to tighten them down. But they will come loose again over time.

                And F.Y.I, You have an "A" Style Machine. Whether it's a JetBack or not, A-2's have a lot more modifications. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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