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Turret time delay gears


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  • Turret time delay gears

    Has anyone else had some bad time delay gears?Reason i ask is that last night i had to change out a new one for a good used one to get it to work.,it's the 2nd time i've done this here.
    The post was binding on the oilites i assume since it would not turn,put in used and it's okay.
    It looks different on the underside than the used one i put in,the used on has a groove that the index bellcrank bearing rides on and the new one has just a flat surface.
    The new one was properly lubed and yes the torsion latch is fine.The underside has a short small metal block and a large metal ramp like block/stop.that's the one(the larger one)that's not like the ones on the used unit.ODD yes.Like it was mis-machined but of course i didn't notice it until it was too late,ran fine last night even though i saw it turn slow/sluggish and once leagues started it would not function so move bowlers over then get to it later on.
    Runs great now with used one.
    I did have one that the teeth on the time delay gear did not fit into the friction disc teeth.
    Use what you have to,to get it through the shift then fix it right.Do it right and live through the night...Safety first!

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    Re: Turret time delay gears

    I recently had one that was too thick on the underside. Because if the excess material, the bellcrank could not rotate enough to allow the latch to move far enough back causing multiple indexing. Since it was my only "good" spare, I had to grind off most of the flange on the top bronze bushing, and shim the gear up using a thin washer. I have no idea who made this nightmare since it was already in inventory when I started there, and had no packaging or identifying marks. The only thing unique about it was the green goo around the teeth to protect them.


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      Re: Turret time delay gears

      Well the short block is what the torsion latch stops on and the "ramp" is what causes the index. I might be mis-understanding you, but this is a common part, is it not?
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        Re: Turret time delay gears

        Yes,that ramp is what i have seen that has been made wrong,some new ones have a groove in it whereas others do not,that variance has caused many a headache.I took out the "NEW" one and that had no groove in the ramp,the older used one did have a groove and works like a top.
        Doesn't matter if i install ALL new parts in a turret and put a non-groove gear no work.
        Has to have that groove on the ramp at the edge.
        Others may or may not have had this trouble but looking in my pinsetter repair/log files,i have had a few no groove gears get replaced and work 110% better and no troubles.
        Call it very odd but if anyone get's the wrong part it's our place.As long as i look for that groove then i know i'll be fine.
        Use what you have to,to get it through the shift then fix it right.Do it right and live through the night...Safety first!


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          Re: Turret time delay gears

          A groove? I'm not getting what you mean. I don't know of any manufacturer that makes a "groove" in the ramp...or any other part of the time delay gear.
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            Re: Turret time delay gears

            Just got a "NEW" delay gear in and it has that groove in the ramp,i assume it is there so the bolt clears that holds the bellcrank roller bolt on and does not scrape on the ramp.
            Can't remember who shows it but there is a photo of it in the or quality,i'll look for it and post the page and number.
            OR....i'll take a photo of both of the ones i have in stock and send it to you.
            By groove it's like a small cut away in the delay ramp.If you see the photo you'll see what i mean.
            Use what you have to,to get it through the shift then fix it right.Do it right and live through the night...Safety first!


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