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  • Pit frames & boards

    Okay,i have several pit boards that need to be changed(worn carpets)but....some boards do not fit into other frames,they are too short or too big!I have the bolt in frames and quality quick release frames.Example...lane 12,installed new upper frame(quality)and i went to install a NEW Brunswick complete pit board but where the clamps are they are about 1/2 inch short from completely clamping the frame down,they grab the board enough to hold it in place.
    Now if i try to take that same board and put it into lane 4 it in no way fits!!Lane 4 has an older style quick relaese frame.
    I thought a pit frame was a frame but not here,sizes vary so to do what i need(about 7 carpet jobs)i guess i'll have to pull a board,strip it,re-carpet it and put it back into the same lane.WHY are boards not all the same,here at least?The last place i was at i could put the pit board from say lane 8 into lane 36 w/o any trouble.
    This center is about 20 years old and ALOT of the pit carpets are probably that old too!I have tried removing the rubber pads on the underside of the boards but still it does'nt help to get it to fit into some frames.It's like each lane has it's own size of board it will accept.Can anyone offer advice as to why the boards are not interchangeable here???The boards here are mainly fiberglass with some composite sort of boards.
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    Re: Pit frames & boards

    I've been in two centers in which several of the top pit frames had been welded then re-welded then.....
    Anyway, depending on the weld job(s), the individual frame members can lengthen or shorten with each "repair". I've seen loose boards; boards that won't go; and boards that constantly travel to one kickback or the other.
    I'll use a short length of Lift Rod rubber split in half to take up any gap between the board and the front clamp on the longer frames.


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      Re: Pit frames & boards

      Hi Gearhead:

      It is funny that you mentioned this problem as I was going to post a similar question. In the last two years I have purchased approximately 10 new Fiberglass pit boards with carpets from Brunswick. When I went to install them in the older style pit frames the boards would simply not fit. They were either too wide or too high and in most cases they sprung the clamping plates and had to be replaced. I then installed the new quick release lever assemblies from Brunswick. When I tried to clamp the new lever assemblies over the new pit board and I also discovered the same problem. The clamps would only catch half way up the board. Needless to say this has damaged the new carpets and the rubber on the under side of the board. Compared to the older style Brunswick fiberglass boards it appears that the rubber on the underside of the board is either too thick or there is a problem in the thickness of the board from the vendor.

      I just spoke with a representative from Brunswick and of course the answer is always the same. No one else in the country has experienced this problem so they say. This always appear to be one of their pat answers. "You are the only one that seems to be having this problem". After spending roughly $5000 dollars on Brunswick parts you would think that they would stand behind their product. Unfortunately, it seems that Brunswick is more interested in simply taking your money than either standing behind their products or providing quality customer service. It seems as though that everytime I order a part from Brunswick I most generally have a problem. More often than not the part doesn't fit. To add insult to injury Brunswick expects you to pay the return freight on the inferior part. They literaly get you both coming and going.

      Has any other center experienced similar problems? Would look forward to talking with mechanics and center managers who have experienced similar horror stories. If you wish to email me, you can reach me at A pleasure talking with everyone. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img]


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        Re: Pit frames & boards

        Who from Brunswick gave you that "pat answer"?

        Call me.......



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          Re: Pit frames & boards

          I heard a story from a good friend of mine. Years ago, the head mech at his center was pulling boards out and washing them. I hadn't labeled them as to which lane the board went to. Had a heck of a time trying to get back in the machines. It appeared that B at the time was kinda vague as to the size of the shaker frame. just my two cents. Check the serial number of the machines to see how old they are might help you out a little.
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