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  • New Stuff! Better Stuff?

    I recently got back into mecahnic work after several years away. I have noticed some new products out there, That I am not familiar with. I would like some fee-back on them, and any little hints you can give me to make them work better.

    1. Turret Clutch Facings. I have seen both black and white "plactic" facings. I like the extra area of the black facings, but I am having trouble getting the needed friction to make the time delay gear turn when neccessary. The white facings seems to have the friction, but they want to grind up, and turn to powder. Any ideas?

    2. Pin Gate Straps. Again I have seen both black and white plastic straps. The black ones seem "way" too flimsy. The white ones seem to work weel in one house ( 48 lanes ) but not so weel in the other house ( 32 lanes). Ant ideas?

    3. Deck Chutes.I have run across some dark blue SOFT deck chutes. (I think they are Brunswick, but not sure) They seem to work fine, except in the 5 pin position. The 5 pin tends to "trickle" down the chute, rather than drop right in. This of course, is causing problems with the spoons re-latching all the time. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any input
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    Re: New Stuff! Better Stuff?

    Hello 1mechanic1, glad to see another mech from Iowa on here. Where you at in Iowa? I may have to come and visit. I like to travel to other centers on my day off.

    1. Most of our turret clutch facings are the white ones. I haven't noticed any of ours trying to grind themselves up. I will play a little phone tag to try and find out why you are having this problem.

    2.I agree the black pin gate straps are to flimsy and soft. They seem to want to warp. With the white ones I have noticed some of then are thicker then others. The thicker ones tended to hang up. Lately I been making my own pin gate straps out of flat stock steel. Only problem i found with mine are that the roll pin or shouldered bolt wears out.

    3. Haven't seen the blue deck chutes yet. I like to use the grey ones on the 1,5,7,10 buckets and the brown multi chutes on all other buckets. I always trim the lips off the bottoms also.



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      Re: New Stuff! Better Stuff?


      As far as the deck chutes go, Murrey Int. has what I think is the best deck chute on the market. I have used them in 3 different houses with no problems whatsoever.


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        Re: New Stuff! Better Stuff?

        The last word in straps won't cost you a dime (except for a new file every so often) I haven't bought a new strap in YEARS, and I mean more than 5 ...

        <a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank"><a href=";f=31;t=000016#000012" target="_blank">;f=31;t=000016#000012</a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a>

        The black plastic facings work very well ... are you sure you have your roll pins in the slide plate holes?? Never had any problems getting them to drive:



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          Re: New Stuff! Better Stuff?

          Dear Bruns-man20

          Thank you for your kind words on the deck chutes. We have worked very hard to find the absolute best formulation on those "slick shooters". Thanks to people like you, they have been real successful.



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            Re: New Stuff! Better Stuff?

            #1. I like the white ones from Brunswick. I put those in starting 8 years ago, haven't changed one yet.

            #2. The white pin gate straps from Vantage are DYNAMITE! I put my 1st one in 11 years ago. I replaced the roll pins at the time of the install. I haven't changed one yet since. I keep just one on the shelf for spares. Because of their thickness I adjust it to 1/4 inch instead of 1/8 inch from the shoulder on the latch, and it works just fine.

            #3. There are many different opinions about many different deck chutes. My pick right now are the Vantage chutes. They are soft and sturdy, and the pins don't stick. They are especially good for the 5 pin, they go straight through.

            Good luck.


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              Try using a muli chute in the five pin position.


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                Ditto with Sal on the White Vantage Pin Gate Straps. Havent touched one in 12 yrs!

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                  Wow, this is an old thread.
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                    Originally posted by Kanga (James) View Post
                    Wow, this is an old thread.
                    Yeah, I was reading through stuff before realizing the dates on the original thread.....


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                      A bell went off when the Murrey comments came up. Aren't they out of the parts business?
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