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Light balls at the Y switch


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  • Light balls at the Y switch

    the center i'm at has problems with light balls getting stuck at the Y switch? I was wondering if maybe it was cause the accelerator is to high any help would be greatful... or maybe there is something i can order to fix this problem
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    Re: Light balls at the Y switch

    Check out these pics of a Y-Switch modification, (courtesy of MasterNut)it stopped all the 6LB ball calls at our house:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a> =Pinsetter_A2/Pinsetter_Mods/Y_Switch_Modified</a>


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      Re: Light balls at the Y switch

      i had a problem on the ball struck at the return track on the straight A machine. It also happen base on light ball too. It has Zot Y track ball deflector kit and doesn't has ball booster on all the machines. How can this problem be solve? [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]


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        Re: Light balls at the Y switch

        I have several of the Zot y-switch kits installed on my machines. If installed too far forward (towards the bowler) the deflector puts too much pressure on the light balls and will stop them. I just slide the uni-strut nuts rearward. This moves the whole kit rearward and will apply less pressure to the ball. The other cause can be from too strong of a spring on the preferance stop arm on the even numbered machine. Light balls can be slowed down when depressing the stop arm, and not have enough roll to push the deflector plate on the y-switch kit.

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          Re: Light balls at the Y switch

          We use to always spring the y-switch towards the odd lane and that would help some. By springing them towards the odd lane when the preference unlocks and the light ball starts to roll towards the y-switch it does not have to over power the y-switch spring or move the y-switch to make it to the accelerator.Hope it helps.


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            Re: Light balls at the Y switch

            I too use a lightweight spring and this keeps the switch twords the odd lane.I have ZERO problems with any ball,i did find that one lane had some minor trouble in that it was the y-stop,i had to replace the assy since it was bent,also changed a couple y-switches from the heavy styles to lightweight switches from brunswick.Since doing thos checks i don't get any ball stops and i have the accelerators.
            Lock your preferance,place a 6lb ball and unlock it,does the stop lever move down freely when the ball passes over it,if not you may have a bind in it and that will slow the ball down even more and cause it to stop at the y.
            Just my nickles worth.
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              Re: Light balls at the Y switch

              you might also check to see that you have washers under the curved track so that there is a nice slop for the ball to roll down and if the preference lever does not lay down for the 6 lb balls to roll over after the lever unlocks then you can stretch the spring a little so that once the lever unlocks the ball can over come the spring tension,good luck.


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                Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                What about the different kinds of y-switches....I have two lanes where the 6 lb balls get hung up...both even lanes. I have noticed that both the y-switches on these particular lanes is a black Y-switch. We have white y-switches, and I don't recall having any troubles with them.

                Is one Y-switch better than another? Lil' ol' me is curious......

                Ta Ta for now



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                  Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                  Joey: the spring deal works wonders to keep em rollin off the even lane, also look at the bumpers to be sure the switch isn't hanging up on the bumper.

                  Another possibility is that the y switch and transition plate assembly is too low. If the ball has to travel uphill into the booster tire or accel belt, it can kick back off the tire/belt and give the impression that it stuck at the y, when it made it past the Y and did not get into the accelerator instead.

                  I'm now raising all my Y's since we had to raise the center tracks/boosters when we put in the overlays. One pair was hell with balls at the Y, because of the y being low ... of course the reason we saw it is that our bantams bowl on that pair, and I got tired real quick of hearing ball on 3:



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                    Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                    Hey Kev (can I call you Kev?),

                    I have raised the Y-switch assemblies on the questioned pairs, but it seems that the light weight balls bounce around the Y-switch lever itself, you know the flipper. So I figured that maybe I should spring urge the "flipper" towards the even lane, instead of the odd pair, but still light balls hung up.....that's why I bring up the fact of the Y-switch itself.....Do different Y-switch levers have different bounce seems the white ones have no problems to the black next day in, I'm going to swap out some...But I'm just looking for experience from other techs.

                    Ta Ta for now,



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                      Re: Light balls at the Y switch


                      It sounds like you might have a bent stop bar. If the stop bar bends, the switch can over-travel and cause rough transitioning. Similarly, If it's bent too far in, the transition may also be bad. To check, push the switch over to the stop, using the ball, then see if she goes straight into the center track or accel pan, or if its off center. Sometimes you have to bend it slightly to get it to transition right.

                      Another possibility is the stop bar being too high, making the bottom of the switch hang up on the bumper. Basically, you need to keep looking for stuff that's making the transition rough.

                      Kev, Kevin, long as it ain't late fer supper


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                        Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                        I always had good luck with the "Blue headway" Y switches and we would drill a small hole in the top and screw a small sheet metal screw into the top and attach a 12-150132 spring to it and then attach the other end to the odd lane ball track.You can use a wire tie to attach the spring to the end of the odd lane track. This would keep the Y switch pulled to the odd lane and would cut down on the Y switch bouncing.You can try springing it to either side(I usually sprung it toward the odd lane so that when the preference unlocked the light balls did not have to push the switch over) but it should be sprung one way or the other or light balls will bounce and cause balls at the Y


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                          Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                          Different switches have different effects on balls, but for what we have these kits have worked well.

                          For all those who have e-mailed here is the pic of the kit.

                          The measurement for the eye-bolt on the y-switch is 4 1/4" from center of shaft. I drilled the pit tier holes out to 7/16" and slotted one side.



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                            Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                            How did you get those tennis shoes mounted on the step.
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                              Re: Light balls at the Y switch

                              Every center I have worked at we have used a light weight spring to keep the y switch on the odd lane. We use the springs that brunswick sells for the ball stop on model A's. It's cheap, and effective. I just drill a small hole in the y itself and on the support for the track on the odd lane. fit the ends of the spring into the holes and the y will always return to the odd lane. this helps eliminate the problem of 6lb balls having to overpower the y switch. Also, you can check to make sure that the y assembly is even between the accelerator. Move it to the left side and check where the inside curve of the switch is in relation to the edge of the accelerator pan. Then move it to the other side and check again. you can then adjust the switch track to make sure it is the same on both sides. This will help get balls rolling into the accel and not hitting against the pan edge. We have eliminated this problem entirely. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img]


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