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    Hey guys,

    This new center I am at is really run down. I was wondering if I could get some input from you guys on where to start, on getting things going. I am not the head mech, I thought that would be worth mentioning. Anyways, I am trying to take care of calls right now. We are running to many calls to have time to work on a machine. Desk staff also is hesitant on giving machines to work on, but I don't care, I have just been taking them anyways. I am good with PM just its not possible to accomplish without working after hours. We are running factory A-2's, I previously worked on A-2 jetbacks. There are a few 1:1's that are going, some input shafts that are bad, spring tubes that are bad. You name it, its bad here. What assemblys do you prioritize on getting up to par. I personally like to get my turret good, because that contributes to a lot of blackout problems. Thank you for any input.

    BTW, budget really isn't a factor
    Hard work and determination is the answer to all problems.

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    Re: Where to start

    Hi Aaron!

    I miss working on A-2's (Maybe Coral Lanes could use some help on my off days, LOL! Nah, couldn't happen...that'd put me over 40 hours! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img] )

    The house I used to work was pretty well maintained, and the turret WAS a priority. I checked regularly for binds in cables, loose deck screws and nuts, pit conveyor belts and pulleys, kept deck chutes clean, changed out carpet liners daily (16 per day in a 64 lane house), and had time for PM.

    A perfect example of a well kept center is Coral Lanes in Cape Coral Florida, on Santa Barbara Blvd. Those A-2's look brand new. The rakes are straight, the decks run smoothly, no jerking. Nice color coordination. Ian and Greg are two examples of good mechanics. I wish I could post pictures of the back of that place. It's like walking into a museum!



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      Re: Where to start

      Hi Aaron - the centre I work at was like yours when I first went there. I believe you should hit the machines which give you the most stops first, this will progressively give you more time. Some of the problems may not be as bad as they seem at first or may just need new parts. As far as getting machines to work on - they will NEVER get better if you do not take them out of service to work on. What is the point in putting customers on a machine which is a load of ****, this is a bad advert for your centre. Hang in there and crack one problem at a time and you will slowly get some order to the situation. By the way, if budget is no problem can't they get you some help??? Good Luck. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]


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        Re: Where to start

        Well the head mech there has a different mindset than I. He likes to run it till it brakes. He has no preventive maintenance at all! I have been hitting the problem childs first, but 2 more show up in its place. I would love to be able to get 1 machine a day and run through the preventive maintenance schedule I was taught working for BRC. I finally got the head mech to buy lubricants. That is how bad it is.
        Hard work and determination is the answer to all problems.


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          Re: Where to start

          Wht do people run it until it breaks,not me.Catch it before it dies!I've been at 2 places like that of which you describe running poorly and yes it's a pain but when i got this place i did this....
          Checked each belt BEFORE it breaks.
          Ran each machine and looked for troubles,bent links,bad wires,loose spoons,frayed cables,bad deck pads/deck wheels,etc.
          Checked each ball lift for needed repairs.
          Bought my own lube(place had none),then started lubing!
          Looked for inventory(basically none).
          Made a list of priority that has to be done now like the 6 index latches that we're toast from no lubing ever,made a list of bad belts,chutes,cables,ball lift tires etc.Start with the urgent first and work your way down.
          Turrets here we're like crap but now run smoother.
          Here it was powder everything,man now that's a joke!Get a mechanics stethoscope,use it to listen to motor bearings,bearings in general,etc.What a great tool to catch a bearing before it locks up or grinds itself to death like on jackshafts,lower ball whell guide rollers.There's alot mor i coulld say but i'm getting too long now but you get the idea.Takes time,willingness,money.I just hate a crappy running center,show's the cheapness and customers may not come back!
          Use what you have to,to get it through the shift then fix it right.Do it right and live through the night...Safety first!


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            Re: Where to start

            LOL thanks Doug!

            We actually do have pics up of our backend... Go to gallery, and a-2's and look in Greg's showcase.. Can't really see any up-close stuff, but you can get the idea...

            Basically, at our center, we have our standard log book of course, but we have a wall devoted to a chart of all the PM and parts that have/need replacing. Our shop is getting organized better everyday. Given, you could walk in there and find just what you need, when you need it.

            What type of calls are you getting? Ball returns? Out of ranges? etc? tell us whats up.. We will help as much as possible.



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              Re: Where to start

              Well I can take on any of the calls, no problem. I feel I am a good at taking calls out of machines. I have a series of concerns....

              1. The A mech has less knowledge than I, or takes the wrong route on trying to solve things. He trys to solve the problem on " having a hunch". Where as I work with facts. You rule out other possibilities.

              2. No B mech

              3. 1 tech has very limited knowledge, other is knowledgable, but lazy.

              4. They don't seem to see a problem with running 30-40 calls a shift.

              5. My hours don't allow me to use my skills. I work friday 1pm -9pm(full house of leagues@6pm of 40 lanes), Saturday 4pm-close..busy up until hour before closing, Sunday 4pm-close, busy untill about 9pm, and Monday 1pm-9pm. I would like to get some work during the day being that it is dead in there in the mornings. What I have been doing is taking notes on machines during the busy nights, then using my little slow time to jump on the bad ones.

              6. I am low man. I just started working here a few weeks ago. Doesn't matter to them of my experience. Its a government/military base center. I had to beg to get the monday and friday shifts. They just wanted me to chase on weekend nights. NO THANKYOU.

              Like I said I can pretty much hold my own on them but here is some calls we come across, I've taken care of...

              Ball under elbow. They have like 50 kickers on a ballwheel, crappy ones at that. And the clapper clock adjusting screw is dug its way into the clapper block. I was cutting flat pieces of metal to use on the bottom of adjusting screw, but I found we don't have 3/8 16 taps. So I am going to buy some. I want A mech to buy wirewheel drill bit, so I can get that crap off the BW's and put on good kickers from ED FOX [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
              Also get a lot of Pin in tracks, due to crappy kickers, no deflector plates, terrible pitboards, and I must say I dislike accelerators. I'll take the booster any day. Who cares if it takes 1 1/2 seconds more.

              Interlock binds. When I first got there, all 40 had interlock bindings, whether it was restricted drop or MDFD finger. I took care of all them.

              Holding hooks are all out of adjustment. Im trying to get to those ASAP. Most of those I can only get as they happen due to lineage.

              Sweep hook adj's. I've had about a number of different machines blackout with the deck lowering and the rake underneath it. Taking those out as well.

              They run all their pit cushion linkages extremely loose. A lot without the unibolt locknut. Thus causing IFOC's and trigger issues. I inspect them as I find them and the either tighten them back to spec or try to schedule them to get replaced if needed.

              This is getting lengthy, so I'll stop here for now. I guess what I'm looking for is who has been in this situation, and brought it around. I would like to be the B mech. I was the B mech at the BRC center I worked before, and was in the MOS program. I wouldn't mind I guess about taking the head position, except for the fact I go to school. If its always as dead in the mornings as I've seen it I could probably get that place running 15-20 calls a day in a month.
              Hard work and determination is the answer to all problems.


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                Re: Where to start

                Watch the cushion linkage, don't crank it down tight if it's been loose for a long time. If you do it will sweep the pins out of the scissors.
                BEER: It's not just for breakfast anymore.


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                  Re: Where to start

                  I would get the PM program going. The whole purpose of PM, which I should not need to lecture you about if the same minds at brunswick taught you, is to KEEP IT FROM BREAKING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

                  Other than that, keep a list of what machines and what areas are the worst at causing stops, and progressively hunt them down and kill them. But REAL progress will only come when the PM starts to show results ... otherwise you're just fighting fires, which doesn't accomplish anything:



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                    Re: Where to start

                    Aaron - Kevin (as always) is right, pro active maintenance is the way to go. If you just react to stops or breakdowns you will always be struggling. Sounds like your management want you to be a pinchaser, not a TECH!!! I think you need to have a serious talk with them & stress the improvements which can be made with an effective PM system. Tell them about our comments & see what the reaction is, if they don't agree with us maybe you need to look elsewhere for employment!!
                    Alternatively ask for a chance to prove yourself by taking one machine out & service it & crack all the problems, if they can see the rewards maybe then they will see the LIGHT, Godd Luck. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img]


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