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  • blackouts

    Ok guys here it goes. lane #3 had about 15 blackouts this weekend my chasers said it was always 2 5 pins and then sometimes 2/ 8 pins as well with the 5's. I came in this morning checked spotting fingers and deck rollers ok. Then i bowled about 4 games no blackouts . Then we had a church group come in so i hooked up the camera and went to do something else tired of messing with it . after about 40 games bowled on 3 and 4 by the church group a dead battery in my camcorder and 3 hours of tape no blackouts???? any hints on where to look and what exactly to look for because im a greenhorn on these a2,s im a 82/70 mech not no more i geuss!!!!lol thanks [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: blackouts

    the rule of thumb, or so i was taught, if there are 2 pins in the five check all of your pingate functions. as well as your cross conveyor belts. the 2 pins in the eight probably came from the spider not relatching with the 2 pins in the five.

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      Re: blackouts

      I would check the pingate strap first. Sounds like the pingate strap is binding on the latch ,which is preventing the latch from dropping fast enough to lock out the pingate.
      Also I would check the restricted drop blocking finger. If the turrett releases pins while the deck is down, there is a chance that the 5 pin is laying across the top of the deck chute.
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        Re: blackouts

        Check out your R/H and L/H latches see if they are correctly adjusted. Check your pingate. As for the 8 pin, check your snubber and see if it is correctly adjusted.



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          Re: blackouts

          Think small. First check your 5 pin deck chute. If its blown, then it can be hanging up, and not setting the 5 pin, thus getting the double 5, and causing intermitent double 8.

          I would also check the pin gate operation, but if the pin gate is not re-latching on the 5, it might not be relatching other times.

          You can then check your interlocks, and interlock probe. Your interlocks should hardly go out of adjustment, unless it has been a neglected center. Lube your interlock probe first, and that will let you know of any interlock problems. The lubing will help it slip past the FD/MD finger when needed. If the restricted drop fails after this, then that means it needed to be adjusted. It was probably binding to begin with making it look like it was opperating correctly. Simple adjustment at 0 degrees.(also make sure the bumpers are on your interlocks)

          The next thing you can check is the 5 chute itself(turret). If it is loose. missing a bolt, then it can cause trouble.

          Just a few small things to look at. It is usualy staring at you right in your face.
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            Re: blackouts

            You guys might STILL not be looking small enough!! If the problem has not repeated itself after this many frames, you may ought to look into other possibilites. One idea might be to have your front desk personel quietly keep a machine call list for a couple of shifts so you can compare the calls with the reported problems/fixes on your pinchasers' call sheets. We had this one pin-chaser that liked to pad his call-sheet with fake calls to justify not finishing his duties in the back, ect. Not saying your chasers are dis-honest, but it is a possible reason for the mysterious blackouts. If you are perfectly sure your pinchasers are telling the truth, you might go back and really grill them for details on what they encountered while clearing the dead-wood (ie. how they were jammed ect. Also, you might want to look at how many pins are in the machine. Having 20+ pins in a machine is nice for speed, but I've seen it cause alot of wierd things like respots and ect. Several symptoms can be cleared up simply by leaving 19 or fewer pins in the 'setter. The only drawback is waiting a few seconds longer for that one extra pin to fill the deck after a strike, but that beats dealing with re-spots, deck jams, ect.


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              Re: blackouts

              If you can't run a lane with 21 pins in it there is a problem with it and it needs some TLC... You should be able to run a lane with 25-26 pins before it will start causing ball calls....
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                Re: blackouts

                Running 21 pins in a machine does NOT cause wierd problems. Not fixing a machine properly, THAT causes wierd problems. As dar as pins jamming in the deck? I always adjust my gear box clutch to stop slightly past O degrees. On older machines, this insures that the deck is fully forward when the machine starts it's first ball cycle, with a load of pins already in the buckets. Otherwise, pins that may already be "snug" in the buckets, become wedged tighter when the moving deck lurches forward slightly at the start of fist ball.
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