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removing entire pinsetter


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  • removing entire pinsetter

    the center i work at just bought 2 conv. a-2s used from a local center. and its up to me to go get them. iv'e had lots of stuff apart and back together but never an entire machine.any one ever taken apart an entire machine. if so any tips that might be helpful.

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    Re: removing entire pinsetter

    I have removed and installed dozens of machines. No big trick to it. They basically come out in three sections. The elevator frame, the pit frame, and the rest. Sometimes it's handier to remove the cross conveyor, just depends. Try to keep things together as much as you can, same sectinos back with the same machine. When installing pay close attention to the distance from the lane bed to the top sweep assembly shaft, and from the end of the lane, NOT the tail plank, to the hinge point in the sweep arm. Both of these measurments are in your manual. When you have everything in, tighten it all up again, several times over a several week period. MAKE DAMN SURE the hieght of the kickback from the lane is correct and level, before you ever start.
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      Re: removing entire pinsetter

      Hi Jaysen - just to enlarge on Imechanics post, take care of the bits first,-
      Disconnect all electrical connections
      Clamp up the big rake return spring with a threaded rod to enable the rake arms to be moved easily for transport.
      Remove motor, with or without its base plate & mounting (it bolts in behind the pin guide.)
      Obviously some belts have to come off, motor,long turret, pit conveyor drive.C.Conveyor drive.
      Remove rake board assembly (both X pins)
      Remve C bolts from C. conveyor .
      Remove ball tracks etc.
      Be careful with the balance of the main gearbox assembly,they are Rear heavy & can topple if not balanced right on your lifting device.
      Good Luck, it aint too hard. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]


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        Re: removing entire pinsetter

        First, I will assume you did everything that was mentioned in the previous posts. Such as removing the elevator and such...

        In order to lift the machine off of the kickbacks, you will need to construct a box to go under the deck assy. You will need to use a lifting device of some type, I use a pallet jack. You can rent this at any rental store. Construct your box using 4X4's and some 3/4 inch plywood. Be sure your box has supports inside it that will line up with your pallet jack forks. These will actually do the lifting. The box should be about 42 inches square. Make the box to fit between the pallet jack forks and the bottom of the deck assy by measuring the height of the pallet jack forks when it is all the way down and subtracting that from 21 1/2 inches. Raise the deck light (or remove it) and slide the pallet jack and box underneath the deck assy. The next step can be done one of two can place a 4X4 about 6 inches tall between the back of the deck assy and the deck lift shaft on both sides of the machines and use those to actually lift the machine, or you can cut a 2X4 diagonally to create a wedge to go between the deck lift shaft arms and the front crossmember. I prefer the second idea as it puts a lot less strain on the deck assy. Once those are in place, be sure EVERYTHING is disconnected and jack the machine up just high enough to clear the carraige bolts on the kickbacks. Pull the machine out the front and load it into a truck. I would recomend a fork lift to do this part. You could get by with a truck with a lift on the back...but I would feel uncomfortable raising the machine up with one of those. Before you put it in the truck, attach a 4X4 to the bottom of the frame from front to back on each side(about 4 feet long will do)...this will allow you to slide the pinsetter frame around a little easier, since you are doing two machines.

        One more thing...if you have to remove the machine through the front of the building and the approaches are set up from the bowlers circle, you may have to make a platform to get off the approach. If the concourse is the same height as the approach, just build a platform from the approach to the concourse, otherwise a ramp of some type might be the way to go. This will have to be your call since we don't know your actual situation.

        Bottom line is to be careful while attempting to do this, do not rush, measure everything twice, do not rush, be sure of all clearances (like the top of the rake lift shaft and the bottom of the curtain wall), do not rush, oh...and did I mention not to rush? Take your safe.

        I hope this helps in your project...Good luck.
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          Re: removing entire pinsetter

          If you are going to try and remove them as a "machine", Good luck to you, you will need it. First thing I can think of if you do get it out, would be getting it out the door and down some steps or a ramp, Hopefully you are buying it for parts, I would disassemble the thing right there, down to the frame as assemblies, then remove the frame if you want it. Disassembly is not hard, its the reassembling of it that takes the time. Make sure you get everything !! Follow all of the advice above and Good Luck !!
          This reminds me of when we added 8 lanes back in 1988, Murrey Intl did the work for us. The building was already sealed up on the end of the addition to get the machines in, so Jim Murrey said no problem, we will bring them in from the other end, Well going from 1 to the new end at 32, trying to get a pinsetter down the back isle and by a projection (bathroom wall)that sticks out in the service walk, he had to lift the pinsetter over the ones still there. The machine was bouncing up and down on the forklift and I thought he was going to drop it right on top of another machine. I watched him do the first one and couldnt stand to see him do it agian, so I stayed up front just waiting for the big crash. Well, he got it done without any problems and I still have marks on the wall where he hit it with a few machines going by the bathroom.
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            Re: removing entire pinsetter

            hey thanks for all the advice. i decided to completely take machines apart because of the way his back room was set up. im down to just the gearbox and the main 3 parts of the frame. everything else is gone. there is no way that i can see to mechanically lift the gearbox. there is no beams above and not enough room to get a lift of any kind in there. how heavy are they? can four guys lift one out or should i just take it apart to get it out? thanks again jaysen


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              Re: removing entire pinsetter

              they are real heavy but 4 guys should be able to muscle it out, i have put one in with only one other guy. one tip i remember was to use a strap around the clutch area, it gave the guy at that end more leverage to lift, and kept it from spinning.


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                Re: removing entire pinsetter

                3 guys can pick them up if you have removed the elevator frames. We pulled some apart a few weeks ago and just muscled them down to the floor. If you have 4 guys available...even better. Just don't step on each others feet...LOL
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