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  • carpet roller mounts

    recently had a rear carpet roller bearing jump out of its mount...turns out the lever that holds it(non ball door side), broke at the pivot question is how come its so tough to get the spring loaded front roller retracted far enough to easily get the bearing in and out? I have been shown to use pry bars and blocks, but its like a guillotine when it slips...and it bites into the back of the pindeck wood...this also came into play when I had to change a shock mount...lots of angry fingers on both jobs....seems like there would be a specific tool or technique to easily pivot the holder up, and hold it while you do the work, then easily let it fingers lost! aslo hard to get the nut on the pivot bolt between the machines...thanks a bunch of any input!

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    Use a carpet pin or a 1/4" bolt to hold the roller bracket back. There is a pre drilled hole in the frame for this.


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      Carpet removal pins 792-501-001, flag tool 792-502-002, carpet installation tool 784-003-000


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        I was just looking for tips and techniques to get the spring loaded bearing holder up far enough to put the pin in....I have the pins....and can always get there, but the pry bar slips off several times in the attempt...which seems risky and hurts the back of the one of the tools mentioned above, used to rotate the holder up safely?


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          The flag piece fits over the bottom of the bearing support, with the hole at the other end to insert the rod to pull back to insert the pin to keep it back.

          I'll get a picture tomorrow if you need when I get into work.


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              Going against the grain here, you can use a prybar to get that ear away from the pin deck and then put a crescent wrench or vice grips on the lip over the rubber piece lot easier to get it pinned back. 7/16 bolts also pin back the roller just as well as those pins.


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                I've seen those two tools here...not together, and I didn't recognize them...that helps a lot, as does all the great input, thanks! any tricks for getting the nut on the pivot bolt, for fhe rear holder, on and tightened? I can barely get a finger on the nut, after many tries I got it started, but not tight...its between the two machines, non ball door side....


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                  Anytime. Anything else let me know, by no means an expert, but been at this since 1999.

                  As for that nut good luck. I'd say take out the plow and rear roller of course then the smallest arm you got and reach under with the nut in the closed end of a wrench, tape the far side so it'll stay in then hope when you try to thread the bolt into it that it doesn't fall out. Few swear words later all should be well.


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                    We've been replacing a lot of carpets lately and are really unhappy with those flags and handle when dealing with carpet rollers. They slip at the worst time, at that last little critical point where you're trying to place the carpet removal pins, the mounts are too eager to cut off fingers and chew up the back of the pin deck. The carpet removal pins are also very touchy. Much frustration and swearing, and has sometimes for us become the worst and most time consuming part of a pit rebuild. Surely there has to be a better and safer way.

                    One day I'd noticed there's a hole in the "strap weldment" directly under each of the front carpet roller mounts. The past few times, I used a pry bar between the deck and carpet to push the roller towards the pinwheel, so that I can insert a long #2 phillips screwdriver straight down behind the mount into that hole. This provides a very stable hold that won't pop out for seemingly no reason while you are working. Not sure if 30s have that strap with the convenient hole that lines up with the mounts, but our 90XLs do.


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                      I use a prybar to hold the front roller back. Using the carpet removal pins I can keep my hand low enough that it won't get hit if the front hook slams forward.


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