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plastic cup liners


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  • plastic cup liners

    I recently removed my worn out pin cup liners...I spoke with a couple friends who go without, plus when I was buying parts in Tacoma, they had 36 lanes without liners...
    just curious how you all feel about them...I got nearly new pins and am seeing a lot of hack marks...went thru and cleaned up what I found...not sure if the liners help with that anyways....let me know what you guys think, thanks!

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    12 lanes no liners - They do quiet the pin feed noise some - doubt marks coming from cups uless unless


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      We use liners in our cups. And we use bumper grommets in our bins.


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        We usually remove them. If they get too worn or come loose they can cause pins to fall over during spotting.
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          Have always used the liners in the cups. Way less issues with having pins fall over when setting.


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            I think the scratches are coming from every place except the cups...theres a lot of violence as the distributor runs around the track...hard to get 10 pins to "swish" into the the distributor starts coming back after the one pin, on most of my machines, the dist bounces harshly at each stop, almost as if the springs are too strong...but I think its sloppy everywhere...scratches are on the necks and bellies...vertical of course...need to work on all of them, bushings etc, and things will smooth out...I actually have had less pins falling over during setting, but more pins on top of cups...


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              a friend showed my the GSX? machines at his place, and I gotta say, I like the belt driven pin more scratches...


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                If it's bouncing at each stop then I'd assume the clutch is way too tight.


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                  I always try to have them just tight enough to not slip....I have been told to use the scale I found for that, but am not sure how yet...perhaps I am backwards about the springs....if they are fatigued, perhaps they allow for bounce to occur...I will double check the clutches....i have both requires and allen wrench, the other you pull the spring away, rotate one notch, and put it back...i have slop in the distributor such as in the pantograph arms...also, i have found bent arm/weldments, which i call the subtle that you cant tell by looking on the i made a fixture to confirm flatness and straightness...all kinds of little things contribute to a smooth running distributor...thanks for the input!


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                    Yah we only have the clutches you pull the spring off and rotate.

                    Going by the book you use the scale on the arms and from the 10 pin to 9 should be 7lbs I think? I've never actually used it before.

                    I was always told the lightest possible resistance that it goes around the track to distribute pins.

                    The arm weldment shouldn't have anything to do with the bouncing, if that's too bent it wouldn't even more since the angle of the head would be way off. Or it will not the pan at the back.


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                      I have had inconsistent feeding into cups, which shouldn't be affected by the boomerang, but when I spotted it being bent, and swapped, some of the issues went away...I assume its mostly head angle as the table goes up and down....shouldn't be any left or right but......these machines often surprise me...I have one machine that quietly and decisively moves from one cup to the other without variables....all the others have sloppy distributors...working on one tonight....


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                        I got one better. I have a machine that you center the distributor, and maybe a day or so later it's moved itself Atleast 3 teeth on the track.

                        I'd assume the distributor moving would be the stop being worn from being banged into too much.


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