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Wanting an automatic scoring system or software help


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  • Wanting an automatic scoring system or software help

    Knowing that I manage a private social club that only utilizes our 8 lanes for adult leagues and no open bowling what kind of bear bone autoscore system or computer software can I get so our bowlers do not have to keep score manually?
    We dont need anything else but automatic scoring or calculating. Each league takes care of its own managment, we dont have a need for pos, dont need an elaborate monitor system, etc.
    I've searched many forums but cant get a good answer to suit us. Of course suitable to the 82-30's

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    I would assume nothing is going to be cheap but I'd call quibcaAMF and see what they could do. Their system is so easy.

    They use tv's now anyways so just get 8 cheap 40" or so tv's then the main computer, scoring installed, and should be good to go.


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      Thank you, looking at any options I have. Our BOD said no to getting new lanes/pinsetters, but said they would entertain some type of autoscoring.


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        Accuscore plus would be about the most reliable and inexpensive system you could find. Since it's only 8 lanes & if they don;t need a front desk system, it's doable for under a few grand installed.
        I've had enough of hope & chains.


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          Thank you! Under a few grand is would be kinda easy to pass our BOD.


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            Check bowling trader for used scoring packages as well as Bowl Tech in the equipment for sale forum.


            I've had enough of hope & chains.


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              Give this guy a call. (412) 657-3721 Chuck. He has some small packages that might be right for you guys.
              I've had enough of hope & chains.


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