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6525 no cycle but works on another lane?


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  • 6525 no cycle but works on another lane?

    So we have a 6525 mk-30 convert chassis decide to quick working on lane 16 over the weekend but it works great on lane 14. Not so good on lane 15.

    When on lane 16 this chassis will not trigger. I move it to 15 and I get some power issue. The machine will cycle but the table will freeze half way down on the the re-spot IF and only IF the pin feed has not finished. If i let the pin feed finish and turn machine off then on it will continue to step 7.

    I move the chassis to lane 14 and it works just fine.

    I replaced the mk-30 with new rebuild and known working board.
    I replaced the rectifier
    I replaced the T1 transformer (would like a source/part # for replacement T1 and T2, thanks)
    On lane 16 I checked all the switches, replaced RPO and checked for shorts in J box. And tried to cycle machine with alligator clip J23 to ground.

    What am I missing? I seems to be lack of power, what and how should I check?

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    Put the chassis in question on lane 14 and find another for lane 16. Not all of my chassis work on every lane either. I don't have an answer as to why this is, but I feel your frustration. I only have one chassis for my lanes 2 and 9, LOL. Don't know why, but thats how my machines are, darn brats.
    As for your problem, I would check your RS main plug for burnned wires and check the main wires on J1 and J8 for either being burnt or crispy.
    Gene Simmons for president!!!


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      Check the J strip and see if some blades are pushed in more than others. I had that happen before.
      Some chassis are tweeked and will not seat properly.
      Check your female terminals in J box make sure they are not bent or burnt.
      Later Chief


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        Thanks guys, I will check that out a.s.a.p.. It has been a busy couple weeks here. 15 of the 16 machines we have are women, once you start paying too much attention to one the others get jealous


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          I work on a lot of 82-30 chassis.1 st. I change the rectifier with bridge type. 2 Nd I replace the wire from the circuit breaker to ground and rectifier to j18 with new wire 1 guage heaver I have fixed many chassis replacing ground wire. 3 rd clean the j strip j15 thru j 37 all the low voltage terminals with a dremel brush as there 50 years of corosion on them.I burnish and clean the pr relays then flush out with electrical cleaner and check for cold solder joints.I also ground out coil of sweep or table coil. One side runs the motor other side makes sure the circuit breaker works.On 6525 chassis where chassis is mounted in back. I usually add 2 push button switches to run the sweep and table from chassis. One side of the switch to run side of relay other side of switch to gtound.I also check PR relays and make sure the contacts are making properly Hope these suggestions helps.


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