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  • String Pin Pinsetters

    Hey i heard a company called Funk International has had their string pin pinsette approved by the ABC anyone heard about that? How can it not affect pin fall, but hey seems great for small houses with remote diagnostics.

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    Re: String Pin Pinsetters

    A future thread topic might look like this:

    How do I stop the 1 pin from tangling up with the 4 pin? [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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      Re: String Pin Pinsetters

      If you go to Reno, stop at the Harrah's arcade room. They have a little game run by an air compressor. It has squat, fat pins on strings, and I'm almost positive the brand on it was Funk. It's fun! I won enough tickets to buy a little motorcycle guy who fell apart when I opened the package.


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        Re: String Pin Pinsetters

        Hi Chaser,
        I understand that 3 or 4 years ago Brunswick actually sold a few 10-pin string machines to someone in Alberta, Canada but I never actually saw them. I also was told that ABC would never approve any type of string machine because with those big, heavy pins flying all over creation, the strings might possibly take down any standing pins. So it makes sense to me that ABC wouldn't approve them. The 5-pin string machines are pretty popular here in Canada. Worked on 'em for a while myself. We had enough "tangles" with 5 pins...I shudder at the thought of having strings on 10 pins. I have to admit...the string machine is unbelievably simple mechanically and very, very reliable.... except for the tangles.

        Bruce DeWeber
        Capiset Consulting


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          Re: String Pin Pinsetters

          I have 14 string 10 pin machines functioning in two different centers.

          A few nice things about them.
          1) They allow the playing of three different games (10 pin, 5 pin and duckpin) on the same lane, maximizing revenues. On the weekend afternoons small dominates, in the evening 10 pin takes over.
          2) Maintence-wise, they are a dream. Best analogy to how they work would probably be a sewing machine, thread the machine and away you go. Parts? What parts? Machanic? What machanic?
          3) Scoring is different, but not necessarily worst. The pins you miss by "less action" are compensated for by "string trips", leaving final scores somewhat similiar. And bowlers, being bowlers, just LOVE shooting a washout and making it on what they call a "lasso". Nothing more fun than a lucky "break".
          4) We have leagues in both centers, but of course they are not ABC sanctioned. I use the twister color pins and mix them up, so that to shoot a 5-7 for instance, you would always be shooting a "white-yellow". Customers seem to get a kick out of it.
          5) I have had them in operation at the one location for eight years now, just installed in the second last summer. They were originally build by Brunswick out of Germany for the duckpin market, but with a little modification work fine for ten pin and five pin also.


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