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Slip-on rental shoes


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  • Slip-on rental shoes

    Ownership is considering the new slip-on rentals from Master Industeries. Has anyone tried them? Pro,cons? likes, dislikes? Thanks for your input.

    let me be myself

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    Re: Slip-on rental shoes

    billman, Are these safe? I hear slip and fall lawsuits are on the increase. Will an attorney be able to argue that a fall was caused due to the center providing something other than shoes? Also will the revenues from rental shoes go away or be diminished if this product is used? What is the upside and does it warrant the downside(if any)? Thanks, Gordon


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      Re: Slip-on rental shoes

      Well I wouldn't use them due to the weather variables here in Minnesota. What I mean by that is someone comes in with snow on their shoes and then slips on one but still has snow or water on their feet, then walks on the approach and may transfer water. There is too much of a liability for us to try them, but someone in a dry southern climate may find them advantageous. Hope this helps.


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        Re: Slip-on rental shoes

        I agree with the last post that they may be ok for climates with no wet weather. Also the ads I've seen explains how much cheaper it will be because I don't have to stock as many sizes, but it seems to me I need to stock as many units. Since they're about the same price as rental shoes, why? Maybe this one needs to be rethought?


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          Re: Slip-on rental shoes

          Also, if you don' take one shoe from the customer (which we don't) how many are gonna walk themselves out the door???


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            Re: Slip-on rental shoes

            I see only a customer satisfaction in that they don't have to put their feet where someone else's have been. Paranoid!


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