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    I'm considering switching to a new brand of plug color. Certain colors are impossible to come close to (Red and anything bright). The plugs tend to darken too much (red almost looks black). Curious what some other drillers use and possible find a better manufacturer.
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    I used to use the Brunsplug, but sometimes that cuered too fast and cracked. Last year I switched to Motive plug and that works great.


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      You have to take into account how big the hole is your plugging so you can adjust for darkness, anytime I plug a larger hole I go a little lighter. I use a variety of different brands and get everything pretty close.

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        For lighter colors and balls that have little to no color depth, I add 1 - 2 drops of white and mix, then tint to match color. I'm using techline stuff as well, and the only time I ever have cracking is holes 1 1/8 and wider. For those I plug 1 inch to the top of the hole with whatever plug I have mixed, then tint and plug the last inch after the first plug has set. It helps with the cracking as well as plug darkening.


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