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Need help with drilling back up pattern


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  • Need help with drilling back up pattern

    We have a Woman in league in her late 50's been bowling forever and has a decent average that bought a new ball and wants it drilled properly for her style. She right handed and throws a 14lb ball 13-15 mph and of course throws back-up. She bought a new Brunswick Karma and we are desperate for a good pattern for her as she is VERY picky. Her track lines last Tuesday were just on the right side of her thumb hole and ring finger hole. Any suggestions?

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    Drill it up like you would a left taking the span into consideration on the fingers.

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      drill it like a full roller or high track? Someone also suggested a little reverse in fingers and right in the thumb.


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        I always drill for left handed person like Drill suggested, this way the weight block works for her. Keep in mind that when you lay it out this way she will get more movement.
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