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Something similar to a Black Widow Bite


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  • Something similar to a Black Widow Bite

    My Bite is beginning to die on me. Multiple resurfaces, baking, and continuous cleaning has kept her purring but I can tell the day is coming. What do you guys think would be a good replacement for her? Any company is doable. I'm 22..... /0 0 (that's my track) 17mph 350-400 RPMS. I'll even attach a pic of the ball to show you guys the drilling. Thanks =] 0


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    I'm not a proshop guy but i got a Storm virtual gravity nano pearl and it's pretty good. Had a vertual energy before for a yr. and a half. I bowl 3 times a week + couples e. o. w. and tournaments. I try to buy one new ball a yr. Whatever is the newest and greatest. I only throw 14# ( bad elbow) so mine have to stay aggresive.


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      I would compare the Defiant by RotoGrip very, very close to the Bite's out of box reaction. If you drilled them up identically the only thing you might notice is the Defiant hooking a little more.

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        I own a #15 bite and a #16 ebonite mission (original red) they are basically the same ball for me. Same reaction in team USA league so its just a choice for whether I want to see yellow and black (bite) or yellow and red(mission)go down the lane. I dunno how many revs I get but its moving more than 10 boards and i throw high 16s some 17s for speed.
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