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  • post corona safety ideas

    Getting ready to reopen 24 lane house. Can you leave a few ideas on operating during the Corona Scare. ie cleaning, house capacity, face masks on approach?

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    Your profile says you are in NJ.
    Your answers should be here.


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      We workshop every lane after putting people on it. It can't be given out until the seats, console, ball return, tables, stools and balls (including spraying the holes) are disinfected.

      By law in AU we have to register each unique household member that visits. We have a database for contact tracing. We required them to also check out when leaving. I wrote some software to streamline the process which ties into an online "pre" sign form using a QR code they scan that we can then generate a barcode on a receipt with for them to check out with. League bowlers just need to scan their league bowler card to check in to eliminate the data input process.

      There are many hand sanatiser stations located around the centre and we also issue alcohol wipe sachets to each customer that bowls. The house shoes are also sanatised. We do have the BowlSole covers but I don't notice anyone buying them.

      Leagues that are greater than 3per lane are spaced out as required and social play has limitations to the quantity of people per lane also. Party setups are also modified to accommodate social distancing.

      The toilets have their touch surfaces disinfected every hour and the video games are regularly wiped and immediately after parties.

      When beginning a shift each employee is required to wash and sanatise their hands. We have the sneeze guards as well which truly shows the amount of spit generated by customers! Counter computer peripherals are also regularly disinfected.

      At the end of the night every single ball is again sprayed and wiped to guarantee none have been missed through the day.
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