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Kind Words of Advice for New Proprietors


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  • Kind Words of Advice for New Proprietors

    With all of the new proprietors joining Bowl-Tech lately, We need to do our part and bring up the most important responsibility you have to your employees.

    Equipment safety MUST be FIRST priority.

    Some are bringing on new technicians or possibly bringing on seasoned vets, either way, New Techs or Experienced everybody should review safety procedures for your particular equipment.

    The equipment can be very dangerous or kill when improperly operated or when safety procedures are not followed.

    After their shift, make sure your people go home to their loved ones happy and healthy.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Very good point. Also, proprietors MUST be trained in equipment safety too and should be forbidden from trying to "help" with machines until they have been trained. Being the owner doesn't protect them from risk of serious injury or death. Just ask the Cake Boss.


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      Amen, Mike. Safety is job one.


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        My experience has been, that the implementation of machine safety training and procedures has been delegated to the head mechanic/technician.
        Proprietors are focused on customer service and the day to day running of the business as a whole.
        The last thing I need as a head tech is someone with less experience telling me and my subordinates how to do our job safely
        Yes. Safety is of paramount importance but, unless you have prior and extensive experience or see something that is obviously unsafe. You, as a proprieter should leave the machinery safety protocols to those that you have employed to safe keep your machines and maintenance personnel.
        Just saying.


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          Safety first as mentioned. Hire people that are going to be in the higher positions of power that have been in the bowling business.

          The bowling business is like no other. Many new owners make the mistake of hiring former restaurant or bar managers to run a bowling center, which is just asking for your business to fail IMHO.

          A bowling center may have a restaurant and or a bar in it but the business of a bowling center can’t be run like either of those if you want to be successful.
          * this space left blank intentionally *


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            Have to agree with Headpin and Toomany10pins, I have seen a lot of folks with a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management try to run a house like a restaurant/bar and fail. You have to have people who have been in the business if you want to get it right. And safe.
            Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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              I could not agree more. Safety first, last, and always - these machines do not forgive mistakes.


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                This is an excerpt from a former post of mine but I thought it might be good to bring up again..

                A few of these are electrical industry related, a few are pinsetter related. There has been a long time problem with Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Circuit breakers. They fail to trip and are a fire hazard. This was a very common breaker used for many years in commercial applications. The two pole breakers "Jam" up and fail to trip when one of the phases senses and overload and tries to trip, hence the breaker remains energized. When we are doing electrical work and turn a breaker off, we never believe it is actually de-energized until we test it with a verified working meter, (test the meter on a known hot source, test the de-energized breaker to insure it is, then retest the meter on a known hot source to re-verify it is still working properly). You can Google the Fed Stab-Lok to find more than you'll ever want to know about these problems. The key here for us is that turning a breaker off may or may not mean it is de-energized. There have also been a number of Square D breaker knockoffs from China which may be unreliable. Google this also for lots of info. I read that one supplier went so far as to have counterfeit UL Labels affixed to these phony breakers. I've enclosed a few pieces of info on these two problems.

                A motor socket recently burnt up in the wire channel. Fortunately it did not start the pinsetter on fire. Loose connections appear to be the cause. It wasn't my house. A friend asked me to correct the problem after one of his employees hard wired the motor, but not until he had wired the ground to a hot lead, instant breaker TRIP !! Whenever I open up a box, I check and tighten all connections on the terminal strips. I guess I'm going to have to think about checking the wire channel connections also.

                Imagine the look on an employee's face when he failed to unplug the power cord on the pinsetter electrical box while trying to put the cover back on. Always unplug the power cord before removing or installing the cover. (He shouldn't have been in there in the first place). (Last pic on this post.)

                A buddy mechanic was called out to a center to figure out why a pinsetter would Not run, Oh did I mention they had RUBBER BANDED THE MOTOR START RELAY DOWN TO MAKE THE MACHINE RUN !! Turns out the Masking Unit Low volt Switch was OFF !!

                I've found several boxes in centers where they have installed 120V ballasts in place of the original 240V ones. They didn't know about the 120V power available at TS1 - F or G, (which I still insist is a Very Poor design). They simply moved one of the wires to the Ground lug. This is completely against Code. You CANNOT use the ground to carry current back to the panel. On the same topic, I had to troubleshoot a machine that would not run. Turned out to be a "Vibration Break" in the 3.2 Amp fuse - that was a nightmare for a little while. However, this center's pinsetters are supplied with Grounded B Phase, I've enclosed a small article on this. These type of transformers were widespread in the Milwaukee area years ago. WE Energies will Not install these any longer on a new installation. The bottom line here is that in a Grounded B Phase panel, phase to phase is 240V AND Either Phase to Ground is ALSO 240V !!! Imagine hooking that 120V ballast on One Phase and the other to Ground - it is still a 240V Supply !! That will light up your life not to mention the Ballast's. I don't know if these transformers were used in other parts of the country or world, (I suspect they were), but it is something folks should check into. Also know your supply Voltages and Phasing.

                When I hired new folks in the past I would train them on pinsetter safety myself. No one else. I further explained the electrical trouble shooting procedures as far as checking breakers, fuses, jam switches, etc.
                I further explained that if they EVER opened the electrical box, they would be fired. It was not their responsibility to go any further than the "Outside" trouble shooting.
                Never trust that the pinsetter breaker has truly opened. Unplug the machine or the motor. Do NOT use one of the low voltage switches to de-energize the machine. I completely removed the masking unit low volt switches as there is no way I would crawl into a machine using that switch as the de-energizing method.

                ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version

                Electric Warning 1 C.jpg Electric Warning 3 C.jpg Electric Warning 7 C.jpg Electric Warning 5 C.jpg Electric Warning 4 C.jpg

                the spark ....
                Electrrical Box_Spark C.jpg

                Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                  That is good Stuff Mike, Thanks for posting!

                  regarding the last picture, isn't it nice how they placed that nice little guide in there to help guide the electrical panel cover onto that electrified screw.

                  I have seen a few of those screws burned like that.

                  I have always been a bit of a stickler on keeping those covers on and properly secured when not working in them.

                  Mike Wilson
                  Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                    DO IT RIGHT & LIVE THROUGH THE NIGHT. Been my motto forever !! ANY machine does not even know you are there !


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                      Mike Wilson
                      Bowl-Tech Inc..


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