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    Well, I didn't realise my opinion meant so much.

    All I originally said was I believed that some of the safety advice was overly excessive. The mental picture of someone carrying pin boxes around or over machines to prevent what I deem a seriously low risk task brought a smile to my face. I thought it was funny.

    I'm known for having a dry wit and I love sarcasm as a form humour. But, that form of humour is can be hard to relay without facial gestures.


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      Originally posted by nighthawk View Post
      should have NEVER said a word. Just TRYING to convey to do ANYTHING and ALL to stay safe !!
      MY usage of the i-beam or whatever is MY choice,bashing me for safety sake was poor.
      Too may people getting killed-hurt and NO reason for it IF....IF you do what is needed by any means !
      Yes i have unplugged machines,breakers off etc since counter people don't understand to NOT use that machine,DON'T come back trying to turn it back on !!
      NEVER trust ANY switch to kill power....bad choice.

      When i started as a newbie at a 40 laner with around 40 calls PER read that right some....15 + years ago my boss did UNSAFE things with power on,machine running etc. I decided to use ANY means to be safe...NOT do it his way. Training new kids & getting into their heads to be SAFE,NO loose clothing etc just was hard to get into their heads,like...OH,the machine can't hurt me. ANY pinsetter does NOT even know you are there or you even exist ! So...just do ANYTHING you can to be safe at ALL costs.
      I don't give a rats A** who you are,how long you have worked...BE SAFE at ALL costs !
      Still mulling over to stay here or not. Bashing was a poor choice. IMHO.
      You learn nothing from life if you think your right all the time.


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        I'd like to apologize for what has transpired up to this point. This whole debacle is my fault!!!
        Where's Mrs. Pisses?
        And where's my son, Schmuugar?


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          Fully agree with Nighthawk & James. As a Registered Master Electrician here in Wisconsin, we never trust a "De-energized Breaker". Just because it is in the "Off" position does Not mean it is "Off". Normally in a wiring scenario, we can test the wires to assure they are de-energized and then re-test the meter on a live circuit to verify it is still operating correctly. This was standard power plant procedure which we all followed. It takes a matter of seconds to do this. It would be very time consuming to open the pinsetter electrical box to do this test and now you've got another whole set dangers especially for someone Not qualified to be in there in the first place. Hence Unplugging the Motor or Main Drop Cord Power Plug renders the machine safe. I taught my pin chasers how to check fuses, switches and jam switches. If they could Not get the machine to fire up after those checks, they were done, call me. If they opened the electrical box, they would be fired. There is a current situation here with Federal Pacific Breakers that are not de-energized even though they appear "Off". They were going to be sued but guess what, they folded. In addition, since the onset of the "Wire" deck lowering link failures as James pointed out, (I've had one fail), I chain the deck up when doing extended maintenance. I don't need 400+ pounds of deck falling on me. The chain is light and installs in seconds... cheap insurance. Also though about a bar across the kickbacks but never made one. Rendition pictured.

          ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version

          Safety Chain 2 C.jpg Safety Deck w Bar 1 C.jpg Safety Deck w Bar 2 C.jpg Safety Deck w Bar 3 C.jpg
          Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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            I've never switched the machine off at 2 points and I appreciate everyone's opinion on the subject but, I think it's excessive. Once the drop cord is disconnected, anything being switched off after is just a plain waste of time. It's like unplugging the motor and taking into the workshop but, won't open it up unless the machine is turned off.
            I have never thought about propping the deck up whilst under it for any reason whatsoever. However, should the problem be something that may cause the deck to fall, sure prop it up, if you want to. My best friend is a motor mechanic, he works under 3 ton cars all day whilst it is only supported by 2 hooks, though, those hooks have more of a positive latching position.
            At the end of the day, do whatever you need to do to feel safe. I have complete faith in the holding hook and the switches hence, I switch at the machine breaker should I need to open the electrical box and don't prop the deck.
            I have strong feelings on electrical safety no matter where the location or the application. What I would personally do in any given electrical situation is not what I would advise others to do because I'm not qualified and a qualified electrician would never advise corrective measures without doing an inspection first. If you want to turn the machine off at 3 points, go for it.

            Mick, you could have a broken lift shaft bolt on the 7 pin side, you may need a second chain........I say that with tongue in cheek and a wry smile..........

            How's that Mr Wilson??


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