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  • Legalities

    Our center has Frameworx seating and allows food and drink in the bowlers area. Naturally the approaches catch the dickens with drinks, food and candy. Some bowlers stick and nearly fall. Some warned the owners what will happen if they stick. So they hung a sign "BOWL AT YOUR OWN RISK" at various places. Is this a legal disclamer? I do the lane prep, sometimes I have time to do approaches,sometimes I do not, and I do not want to be sued for owners stupidity. Our porters don't know what clean is, so on Mondays after cosmic week ends, the lanes look like crap.

    Any information would be nice as I am constantly learning new things daily.

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    Re: Legalities

    At our center we have synthetic approaches. Every night after close we get the buffer and go over them all using a few carpet bonnets and some alcohol. Its no fun to close, but it does the trick. Also, get on them porters show them what to look for instead of standing around.


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      Re: Legalities

      I have frameworks too and the center tries to keep drinks off the tables,(but then why order tables).Yup..cosmic bowlers can suck but i mop approaches(synthetic)w/HOT water and some alcohol using a mop just for this,it get's things cleaned as long as you wring out the mop real good,do'nt use it soaking wet.Legally we are responsible for any falls unless the bowler is proven to have caused it by say...having gum on their shoes or walking on a wet spot.Mopping or buffing is your own choice but to me it's faster to mop and we do it about 3 times a week to remove all those shoe marks etc.We also have our counter people spot clean when needed,it's part of their job.


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        Re: Legalities

        Signs only reduce liability by warning persons of a potential danger. They don't remove all liability.

        If a sign is posted saying, "Do not cross the foul line" and a customer does and slips then your liability would be greatly limited. But if a customer slips on soda in the settee the, "Bowl at your own risk" sign will not limit the liability that much. Allowing the soda and what not to stay on the settee floor could be argued is negligence by your employer. No amount of signs will cover your employer for negligence.

        For what its worth its rare to see employees named in lawsuits. They almost always go after the company itself since that's where the (insurance) money is.

        Steve Mermelstein
        Milton Bowling Center / / The Bowling Search Engine
        Steve Mermelstein


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          Re: Legalities

          yer lucky...I have wooden approaches...and I do not allow ANY food or drink in the bowlers area!!

          and why we are on this subject:
          for wood approaches ..does anyone have any good ideas on how to clean them good...without sandpaper.. ....its not hard to get out the marks ...I just have no luck getting out scratches ..not really scratches ..they are white shoe marks that look like scratches and will not come out without approach cleaner...can I borrow a dollar?



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            Re: Legalities

            I use an old piece of steel wool...gets the marks off without damaging the approach.


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