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Safety Training Provided in your center?


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  • Safety Training Provided in your center?

    Is safety training being provided or where you provided some form of equipment safety training?

    Please use this thread for further discussion

    **Other than vote results, poll information regarding participants of this poll is private**
    Is or was not provided.
    Provided in the form of written rules but no "on" equipment demonstration.
    Provided by written rules and "on" equipment demonstration by supervisor.

    The poll is expired.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc..

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    Just provided verbally

    Just cant emphasized remove power enuff


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      Sweep or rake down also before climbing in !


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        Safety training at my centre is done by me for new techs, and BEFORE they touch ANYTHING we go over so much in the way of safety, after the usual full site tour and induction, I show them how to work safe what to do to work safe and WHY we work safe, sweep down poer off plug out and LOCK OUT!!! I physically demonstrate this PRIOR to them ever entering a pinspotter....
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          I follow the same guidelines I used from when I worked for Brunswick, I go over and demonstrate the 17 steps of Pinsetter Safety Regulations in detail.
          I know it is not perfect, but it is a great starting point. I really try to put an empahsis on Safety, as we all want to go home safe, and not to the emergency room!


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            We really didnt have a safety program until I was lucky enough to get a nice little piece of scorthing hot metal in my eye from grinding. I was even wearing safety glasses but now we must wear the glasses and a face guard. I do like to remind all of my mechanics and pinchasers about safety and not getting in a hurry. I would rather have the bowlers wait an extra few mins than have one of my employees get hurt for a stupid reason.
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              working at a university we have a very high turnover of student employees. some may work for four years but most are here only a semester or two. I have a safty training course that each new employee goes though before they are allowed to touch anything. just becuase they are in collage doesn't mean they have a whole lot of common sense. I train about 10 new employees each year. In the 17 years that i have been here we have had only one accident, and that was because the student didnt follow the no shorts rule. the fringe on his shorts got caught in a pully and pulled him down into the pully and cut his leg. also each new employee does not work by himself untill he has 80 hours in working with me or one of my student supervisors


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                Originally posted by realsparty View Post
                ...also each new employee does not work by himself untill he has 80 hours in working with me or one of my student supervisors
                Since I don't have a "Home center of employment", I travel to many centers as well as Universities and colleges with centers on campus and can relate to this high student employee turnover rate. I really like your idea of this 80 hrs with you or one of your student supervisors before left alone.

                I try to encourage a safety seminar at all the centers I service at least once every 4 to 6 months. New employees should receive a safety course immediately before ever learning anything else on the machine. Whether I service machines in a private home, school, on board a ship, bowling center or where ever, I will always teach safety to all their employees or family members or anyone else they intend to have working on them.
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                  80 hours on training sounds good, but what owner is going to go for the better part of a month of pinchasing with 2 people.


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                    a smart one
                    Originally posted by rivmike View Post
                    80 hours on training sounds good, but what owner is going to go for the better part of a month of pinchasing with 2 people.


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                      We had basically no training at my center when I first started (24 lane house and a total of 4 employees). I was told "don't stick your hands in anything moving and if you have any serious problems I'll be upfront." Since then we have gotten new owners who have hired people to pin chase. The few that I trained the first thing we did was talk down back. Said don't touch anything unless I tell you to, Then I turned off the machine (mechanic's switches, breaker, and unplugged). I showed them where it was "safe" and where not to touch, made sure they understood everything I said. Then I turned on the machine so they could watch it move and see it actually moving (with them standing back and out of harms way of course). After they got the basic understanding we moved to what calls they would get which I physically set up for them to see. Lastly I followed them around for the rest of the day making them get the calls and explain to me what they were doing before they did it.

                      Training is still really under-valued here though I try my best but when they is only brought in once with me its hard to make sure they will be safe. Personally I was horrified when I found out a pin-chaser, who a co-worker trained and I respect as a mechanic, didn't know how to clear a blackout two weeks after he started working here.
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                        Note that I am not pointing my finger at any particular posts or centers involved in this thread.

                        I am commenting on the percentages in this poll to date. I think it’s terribly important to keep safety at the forefront and this poll is just one way to keep awareness active in our community.

                        Needless to say, these numbers terrify me.

                        This is a fairly small slice of the industry and these are only registered members who have voted in this poll, this indicates about of 1/3 of the centers do not take enough actions to protect its employees from harm.

                        This may wind up a few people and if it does you should look a bit closer at what you are doing.

                        In my opinion

                        If you operate or own a business and do not care enough about your people and their families to take steps to protect your employees by making sure they are properly trained in safety procedures and take an active role in that injury prevention you are negligent and have no business operating or owning that establishment.

                        On the flip side I do know from experience no matter how good we are at covering all the bases and training our people accidents will unfortunately happen now and then.
                        It has been proven that within our industry when safety procedures are not followed people can and do die working on bowling equipment.

                        If you are a part of a center that has NO safety training programs in place and are in a position to establish one.. PLEASE make an effort to help establish such a program or talk to those in your organization that can. We owe it to the people we work with and we owe it to their loved ones.

                        If you get push back, I would consider working elsewhere as the future may not be that solid there, I could take just one accident to wipe out a business.

                        As for the other 2/3 of the group, I commend those involved. Keep up the good work and share your safety practices with any members who ask for help.


                        Mike Wilson
                        Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                          I will say, I was one of the four votes in 'Written with NO on machine'.

                          I haven't required training for some time now. I guess GreaseMonkey24 figures I know enough to stay alive.

                          Our written rules did lack any procedure for addressing calls, ei LOTO rules, deadwood procedures, OOR, ect.

                          We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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                            Worked in 5 or 6 bowling centers. Never had any formal training other than the "don't touch this, and don't do that" in any of them (formal meaning, book and classroom time and testing). One or two I never worked with a head mechanic because they didn't have one! or the head didn't work when I was scheduled. Everything I learned was on my own by reading, studying and trial and error (and much error that is!). Thus there are still things I do not even attempt to adjust or repair on the pinsetters (A-2s). One center I was basically became the head mechanic when there were no other employees left, and I was asked to train people. I kinda try to refuse to because I myself was never trained and I'm kinda afraid of not training people properly. I didn't stay at that place long simply because I never felt safe or comfortable there "in charge"

                            It's been 3 or 4 years now since I have worked in a bowling center, The last place I was at was probably the best and learned the most with their manager/head mechanic and service tecs. I even to this day when I go help out at some smaller places, am hesitant and always careful of every situation.

                            After spending some time on this site, I am shocked at the number of places that still do not train properly and the situations that may occur from an improperly trained employee.
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                              One of the problems that I have come across is not enough safety training. At my last center, I had the duty of training new hires, even the snack bar and bartending people. Basically, I trained them "by the book" from corporate headquarters. At the end of the 15 minute session, the new hire was required to take a test to make sure they learned what was taught.

                              The first thing that I taught my students was that "these machines are dangerous." The second was LOTO procedures in that particular center, since the high voltage power was hard-wired into the machines. (I showed the trainee where the master breakers were located and how to lock them out.)

                              As a side note, all of my trainees passed the test with flying colors.

                              But, I believe that wasn't enough. There should have been refresher training sessions. These refresher sessions would reinforce what the individual had learned. Safety is job one and should not be treated lightly.


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