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Lane Intruder Alarm


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  • Lane Intruder Alarm

    I' am looking for some help. We are a small 4 lane center in the UK.
    We need to purchase an alarm system which will shut down the Pinspotters (AMF82/70) if somebody walks onto the lanes.
    Can anyone suggest a solution?


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    Available from Embassy Services in the UK. Give Stuart a call for prices.


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      For such a small could make your own from an infrared sensor and a reflector. A simple circuit using a 4 pole relay to shut off all 4 lanes would do the trick. Much cheaper than the Lane Minder from Cybernetic solutions...although I think the world of their product.

      Just a thought...
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        Thank you for your reply, We are on a RAF camp in the UK so we have to meet extra health an safety rules, I could easily design an build a control module for each pair as this is what they want but they will not let us because of liability insurance, just in-case someone manages to get past the beam an hurts them self. Regards Stephen


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          Problem with building your own system like that is, IF it fails and someone is hurt or even killed you may be liable as the designer of the alarm system. At least the Lane Minder from Cyber is tried n tested etc...

          just my thoughts anyway...
          AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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            I have just installed the laneminder 2 from tenpintec (cybernetic), I have the one with 2 beams that turns the machines off. They do great stuff so could be worth looking at.


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              Thanks guys. As we need the safety caging in the rear we have decided to get it all in one go. I don't know what system we will be using yet as I have no say being the only mechanic that works there I would like my say but I have provided quotes and its up to the boss now.


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                I installed a simple relay system, similar to what Steve mentions, in an unattended apartment complex building that has 2 lanes (Omaha). The relay has a holding circuit and has to be reset by someone with a key. Card swipe turns on lanes for 1 hour.
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                  You could rig something fancy up with an arduino and a handful of ping/IR sensors.


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                    proctor guarding could do both options for you. They have the most practical guarding for the uk IMO. It actually allows you access to the machines, unlike some of the solutions ive seen recently.


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                      It is also too heavy for the machiens and causes the kickbacks to spread.


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