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uniform safety issues


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  • uniform safety issues

    recently in my state a mechanic was nearly strangled when getting a trouble call from in a 82/70 he was wearing a t-shirt and they concluded that if he was wearing a button up shirt the buttons would have ripped open stopping him from his near fatality my centre has a2 machines now it is compulsory for all mechanics to wear button up shirts .how many times do you have to tell mechanics to switch off machines before attepting a call then we wouldnt need such regulations . can anyone give me some other examples of whats gone wrong in there centres......

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    Re: uniform safety issues

    Do you know exactly what the guy was doing when he was almost strangled. I can't imagine what it would be. If he was actually inside the machine then it should have been turned off, but just fixing a pin jam, or getting a ball call? I don't see how that could happen if he was following safety procedures.
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      Re: uniform safety issues

      apparently he was leaning in thru the back of the machine and the collar of his shirt was caught by a "nail" which was used in place of the roll pin where the drive shaft connects to the distributor. because the shirt was a polyester type material it did not rip and so started to choke him.
      i have just started at a new centre and they have large "r" clips fitted to the shaft on the odd machines to make it easier to service the clutch.
      it will always be a problem area as we all know if tou have a roll pin fitted then there is the chance of bending the shaft as you remove and refit them each service. i think that a 3/16 shcs with a 1" shoulder and cut to allow just enough thread for the nut to be fitted is far better. it will run fairly flush to the u.j. without protruding points to get snagged on.
      of course you should not enter the machine with it on should we!




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