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The Future of OpenScore Scoring


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  • The Future of OpenScore Scoring

    Hello fellow Bowl-techies!

    Its been a while, I know! Things have been all but quiet here at OpenScore, though, but I just wanted to give all of you an update on where we've come from, where we're at, and where we're headed regarding the OpenScore Scoring System.

    I wrote OpenScore back in 2012 to fill a need that I had. The first version was rough, but it got the job done using off the shelf parts and pretty much ran on anything. That version was received way beyond my wildest expectations by the small scale bowling community here. A few years later, we introduced OS2, which brought on a bunch of new features like multiple theme support, no-tap and integration with our OpenScore Infrared Triggering system for a true automatic scoring solution.

    Fast forward and even better solutions such as ScoreMore came out from our friends here. ScoreMore introduced support for multiple platforms, a nice point and click setup process, gorgeous user interfaces and more.

    Over the past two weeks, ScoreMore and I have been working at all hours to integrate the OpenScore Infrared Triggering system into ScoreMore and have it available to everyone. We're pleased to announce that beginning with ScoreMore 1.3.1, all OpenScore hardware will be supported (including ScoreMore's ball speed detection!)

    With that said, I'm actually pleased to announce that we'll be sunsetting OpenScore. Its hard to believe that its been 8 years, and we've been used on lego model lanes, small scale lanes and even private full-size lanes.

    Support and production of OpenScore hardware will continue. Ever since the pandemic began, we saw a huge surge in demand for score triggers and we exhausted our current stock. Today we've got supplies in with more to spare, and we're shipping everything out!

    Click image for larger version

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    OpenScore still has some products in development, and we're happy to say that these products will likely be integrated with ScoreMore and existing OpenScore hardware!

    Here's to the future! I sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Keep on bowling!

    -- Jimmy
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    Hey Jimmy, good to hear from you. That's awesome to hear that you are working with ScoreMore. Where does one go to purchase the kits you are selling?
    If it can't be fixed with a hammer, try a bowling pin! They're heavier and more surface area for whacking!


    • Minibowler
      Minibowler commented
      Editing a comment $79 for the whole kit. I have heard from another mini bowler that there is work being done to incorporate the programming such as ScoreMore into a raspberry pi. This would eliminate the need for a computer to run the program.

    • theultimateandy
      theultimateandy commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks MInibowler. That would be great if a computer was not needed.

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    Good morning guys,

    Thanks for the response MiniBowler! Yeah, we sell them at It's been a busy week and all shipments should be caught up by the end of business today. Integration with ScoreMore is still very much in beta, but so far indications seem to be positive.

    Everyone is correct that work is going into incorporating everything into a Raspberry Pi. We've got some beta testers running that setup now and we're working out the kinks. Afterward, we'll have an image that you can download and flash to a raspberry pi that even turns it into a dedicated system, boots in a few seconds right to a full screen rig just like any commercial dedicated scoring system.

    I would definitely like to thank ThinkCleverAndSmart and Rudy Graham for all of their hard work during this project. They had to work through their fair share of kinks while we were getting things integrated. The bonus is that it should be all pretty for you!

    (Sorry for the delay posting back... it turns out all of Bowl-Tech's system notification emails were flagged as spam)


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      Hi there, and thanks for all the kind words regarding ScoreMore!

      For anyone interested, ScoreMore can be downloaded from here:

      And as Compy said, the OpenScore triggering kits work perfectly with ScoreMore! This is what we as a community can do, and I look forward to see what we will be doing in the future.



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        Special thanks to Jimmy and Think Clever Smart for working with me on the Raspberry Pi configuration after a lot of software configuring we finally figured it out, I kept pushing myself to troubleshoot without getting frustrated but Jimmy was troubleshooting with me on the phone and we figured out 2 major things you need to do. 1. is to set your sensors back into where you mount them to create a little tunneling to make the beam stronger when shooting across the path. 2. Is to set the triggering to 3 or 5 to give time for camera to react. This was all we needed. After talking Clever Smart made a new image to correct the triggering settings to save upon exit. This seems to have made it right. I will post all the information on how to get everything this setup for anyone who wants to go this route


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          On OpenScore A few years ago, Jimmy and I had to do the same thing when testing out the new cameras after upgrading from the old ones.
          --- SteveJT66

          82/70's,kickers,Kegel Kustodian


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            Hi everyone, great work on this project Jimmy (miss you bro!), ThinkCleverAndSmart (been following your work a long time) and Rudy. My apologies to anyone I missed..
            I'm trying to get back into things and was so happy and excited to see the work continuing in this area that has always had a special place in my heart.


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