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Rockford Lanes 2020 what to continue to do PLEASE COMMENT :)


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  • Rockford Lanes 2020 what to continue to do PLEASE COMMENT :)

    Hello all!!

    My lane has sat unused for the last 7 months as I've been away on an internship at Brown University. I am coming back from that internship and want to continue to make more out of my lane in the basement. Keep in mind this lane is 15' long so basically, I am building a model lane... I have pranced the idea of changing things such as the curtain and springs in the flat gutters. I have been very disappointed with the action with the off the kickbacks... I know I've posted before about action downstairs at my lane and many of you have commented about ways I can improve that and XYZ.. does deck height contribute to action or is that flat gutter or kickback height ??? is it even worth continuing this passion of mine to get great action or should I give up
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    I haven't reviewed your other forum thread(s) but I do remember that there were a number of ideas, comments and suggestions. It would be helpful if you would shoot a couple short videos so we can see what's happening. It would also be helpful if you would briefly list and/or summarize the suggestions and which ones you have tried. Otherwise, all we are doing is speculating and guessing. If you have tried some of these suggestions, it would be helpful if you discussed which ones and the results, pictures, videos. If you haven't tried anything, I really think you need to start your trial and error tests and see what works and doesn't work. Beyond that, I think we're in guesswork territory.


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      I would say your kickbacks are not as solid as a bowling center.
      Normally kickbacks are almost immoveable, as they have the pinsetter, and adjacent machines to help hold them to the floor.
      Your kickbacks also look to be on the low side, as the phenolic plates are lower than the tops of the pins.

      Same with the flat gutters, they need to be down as solid as possible.
      There are people who put 4x4's under the flat gutters to help make them more solid.

      Just a couple things to get you started.


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