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Brainstorming for second mini lane


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  • Brainstorming for second mini lane

    Well, you guys know I sold my first lane a few months back. I'm already gettin the itch to build a new one. But this time around I have different ideas and many more challenges in store.

    First off, the lane will be outside instead of my basement. 8 feet of the lane (backend), will be built permanent inside the garage. The remaining 20 feet or so will need to be portable and easily stored.

    For the pinsetter, I will go to the opposite side of the spectrum and utilize pegs that will pop out of the pindeck, rather than build a spotting table.

    What do you guys think of the idea so far?? How can I make portable, lightweight, but rigid sections??

    Here is the location I will build at in the garage. The lane will be built off the wall and I will utilize underneath for storage. I would also like to build it higher than my original 13" height and utilize a portable step up approach.

    Click image for larger version

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    Good to see you preparing for a new lane. The only thing I don't like about the pegs is that it will probably take more time to set up the pins, especially if you have someone setting pins. With a table, you can put the dead wood into the table while the bowler is bowling his second ball. You would have to bend and reach over the pin curtain to place the pins on the deck, while holding the foot pedal down (assuming that's how it would operate) could pose a challenge when going for the 1,2 and 3 pins.

    I am not sure if you are following Tim's thread (TwinFountainLane) as he is building a portable lane. You might be able to put the lane on casters and when in place use foot operated locks (like the kind they use at Home Depot and Lowes on the stairs they climb) to lock into place. How high were you planning on building it?
    If it can't be fixed with a hammer, try a bowling pin! They're heavier and more surface area for whacking!


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      I was going to build it about 20-22" high so that you dont have to bend over as far to collect the pins from the pit, hence making it easier to use the peg system. I do live in Michigan, so the caster system may work, but I am very limited on space in the garage. Like Steve, I have an extensive collection of traffic signals and there are about 55 in the garage.

      I was thinking about building modular sections on top of 8' banquet folding tables. What do you guys think about that idea??


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        Will they hold the weight?


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          Good ones may. Of course, I can just buy the leg kit and maybe put 3 legs per section and space them accordingly.

          Or ill just make sawhorses and set the sections on the lane when I'm not using them.

          Still brainstorming.......


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            Hey Detroit- Your previous lane was a huge inspiration for me during my planning, designing, and construction...THANKS!!! For portability, using door hinges (removable pin style) have worked great so far in my design. The pins come out, and when I re-align the sections, they sit perfectly with each other. I use small leveling feet on the bottoms of my table legs which also help with leveling. Looks like you will need more than the small leveling feet I'm using, but something similar but more rigid would probably work wonders for leveling each time you have to re-assemble the lane for play. Good luck, can't wait to see your progress!!!


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              Bought some lumber today.............


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                Originally posted by DetroitSignal View Post
                Bought some lumber today.............
                Woot woot!


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