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  • foul lights to bowling center ownership...older 8 lane amf house...foul lights haven't worked in many years and I am told its not worth fixing...
    my first of many questions is, are there usbc rules about foul lights regarding sanctioning of leagues and tournaments? I am hoping to host a few spring and summer tourneys,
    but want to be sure they would be official...also any suggestions for affordable options would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    USBC require that foul lights are in working order.
    I'm going fishing and camping!


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      the previous owner insists that somehow we are grandfathered in, due to the age of the place. built in the 50's, and supposedly fully sanctioned the whole time...the lights haven't work since the 70's...what about league vs tourney? could there be a different qualification?


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        I Have never heard of grandfathering with regards to sanctioning but other site members may be aware of such.

        I have worked in centers built in the 50's and foul lights have been required and operating in those. Does the center pay sanction fees and get a sanction certificate every year from USBC?

        Check the USBC rule book, rule number 5. There are procedures in place for centers lacking or with malfunctioning foul equipment.


        Mike Wilson
        Bowl-Tech Inc..


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          We have removed our old electronic foul lights and replaced them with these. They are much more reliable and approved by the ABC. We now have no more problems with the equipment OR people Fouling. LOL Seriously, Our place was built in the 40's and we have fully operating foul lites which the ABC checks every year when they certify the lanes.

          Click image for larger version

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            UBSC rulebook:

            5c. Foul Detection
            A USBC approved automatic foul detecting device must be used, if available. When not available or
            temporarily inoperative, the following procedures shall be used to call fouls:
            1. In tournament play, management shall assign a foul judge or have the official scorers call fouls.
            2. In league play, the opposing team captains shall call fouls or a foul judge shall be appointed.
            Failure to provide for the calling of fouls as specified shall disqualify scores bowled for USBC High
            Score Award consideration
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              thanks for the great input! love the guillotine(spelling?) idea...with so many things such as lane and machine repairs to focus on first, the foul lights will have to wait a bit...but I do want them to work...the quotes I got were shocking so far, something tells me I can do something more affordable...for now, unsanctioned tourneys like swiss trios, perhaps...


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                I can remember back before computer scoring using a simple IR from the local electronic store combined with a home made PC board. Something like a door chime will work fine, you just need the closing contacts of IR to close a timer circuit that lights a globe. The biggest challenge is getting everything under the foul light cover.

                Don't be fooled by marketing, you don't need to spend vast amounts of money on foul lights.

                Jon, who is a member of this site could make a simple PC board for you if you can't do yourself.

                Good luck


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