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  • when we can reopen

    what do you all plan on doing with the leagues that are still in progress? I have one with a couple weeks left, and another with several...wondering what kind of flexibility we have in this area...thanks!

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    Let the winter leagues finish, and not really have a summer season.
    Stop the winter leagues where they sit, and start up summer.
    Go half and half, and run shortened versions of both seasons.
    We have been discussing it left and right, and still havent decided on anything yet.
    The whole bowling business (less the entertainment only centers) are all in the same boat.


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      Our winter leagues, which only had a few weeks left when we got shut down, have been cancelled. Prize money will be distributed per decision from league officers at a date TBD (who knows when or if we'll be able to reopen).

      We're still hoping to start spring/summer leagues....But, talking with our owner yesterday the business is now officially out of money and can no longer pay rent & utilities.


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        that's where I am now....I am paid through the end of april, but after that who knows.....I worry that the industry will take a serious hit from this....the officers are discussing their options and I will flex with them...good luck all!


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          most leagues are paying out based on total wins, prize fund adjusted and any prepaid weeks refunded. Secretary met team captain in parking lot to hand out$ 3 leagues want to go to roll off as soon as we can open. most of our leagues had 6 weeks + - to go.
          Later Chief


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            PS we did get the federal payroll protection money to pay salaried employees until we can reopen.There is a lot of money the feds are offering for all types of businesses also low interest loans ect. go for what ever you can get to stay open my friends!!!!!
            Later Chief
            The hourly are better off getting unemployment with the $600 per week added by the Feds.


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              Sorry Should have said reopen


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                i have friends who work at boeing and are doing better with unemployment combined with the government checks than when they were working...but they are going stir crazy challenge is that I don't have any employees...just me...CEO, bookkeeper, pinchaser, and head there aren't any employees, I am guessing that I am not getting any help...applied for some, as this is the dream I was chasing...don't want to go out quietly into that good night...looking forward to reopening! enjoy and be safe....


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                  Boss finally got some traction on the SBA stimulus loans, so we're not quite dead yet. Still not sure when we can reopen, but he considers me & our GM essential to the business and he wants to bring us back in to do maintenance & repairs...soon. Looking forward to getting back to work, wrenching on the machines. Got at least 3 pits that need to be overhauled.


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           working on the pits....not...I still haven't mastered getting in there without blood and cussing. ...always wondered why someone hasn't invented a split carpet for ease of access ...I need a younger me to do the work. ..any tips?


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                      I plan on reopen May 16 i have been going threw machines & doing summer work a lot earlier than planed on like pulling pits (3) -also did a few table rewires- re cocked some of the joints on lanes. also some painting got to love that plus a few other things . I just dont no what to expect when the doors do open .

                      Good luck to everybody & hang in there


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