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Calling all bowlers


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  • Calling all bowlers

    Does your center call bowlers from other houses and extend an invitation to join one of your leagues? Do you consider it business or unethical? Any response welcome.

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    Re: Calling all bowlers

    I think it depends on the community you live in. Smaaler towns sre more socially acceptable. The best way to invite them is through the mail.

    Pat Mitchell
    Brunswick Bowling & Billiards


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      Re: Calling all bowlers

      Our County is on the small side. I wouldn't call on the phone, that puts it into a gray area ethically, as far as I'm concerned. I have a speaking relationship with the other owners (although the one I directly compete with is a little colder than the other two

      On the other hand, if a bowler sees me at the supermarket, a restaurant, etc, and asks me about our programs, I will give them the info they request.

      I'd rather take the high road, and let them approach me, since the other guy would certainly hear about a telemarketing campaign, and maybe start one of his own. This could backfire on you, depending on where your center stands vs the others (shot, amenities, etc.)

      Also, if they approach me, they are obviously interested in moving, creating a much higher success rate for time invested. If they want to move enough to approach me, it would likely be a loss to the competition anyway, since quitting is the other option, and I'd rather see someone go to the competition than quit the sport.



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        Re: Calling all bowlers

        I think in our town location has a lot to do for league bowlers. Clarksville is a very spread out city. So all the people on the south part bowl at Eastgate, all the people in the Northeast part bowl at Skyline, and all the ones living in the northwest bowl at Fort Campbell. Rarelly do we et leaue bowlers outside the neighboorhood.


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          Re: Calling all bowlers

          I'd say a definate "no" for the telephone thing. We ~all~ love those #@$(*&^@ wanting you to switch long distance companies, right? I rest my case

          Bulk mailings may be effective, and not considerred rude by the other houses. Maybe. Personalized messgaes to ~their~ bowlers, a little unethical IMHO. Ask yourself how you'd react if the other centers did that. If you'd have any tendency to be upset, feel certain they'll be worse.

          I've never lived in a town with more than one bowling alley, so we don't have that problem, fortunately. We've got neighboring communities that we compete with ('bout an hour away) we've had some of their bowlers, they've gotten some of ours... always chasing something new and different.

          Regardless of the competition level you're facing, you never want to pi** off your competition. You want their customers, of course, but you also want their support.

          Tourny time, yes, I'd say go for it, target their customers. And make a point of sending your customers ~and~ yourself to their house for their tourneys. But for prospective league bowlers, I'd stick to bulk/mass advertising.

          One notable exception though, you might call up the other houses and ask if they've got any full leagues with extras. Would be helpful if you could offer the same "Yeah Bob, we've got a couple guys that want to bowl Tuesday nights, but we're full... Do you need any bowlers there? What's your weds night looking like, we've got some open lanes we'd like to fill up, too..."
          --or ~some~ BS story of the sort. A way to get them to hand over some of their own customers willingly. A thought, at least. I only mention this because our 12 lane house has 16 teams that want in for Friday night. If they're not willing to switch shifts, there's ~gonna~ be some leftovers... And nowhere for 'em to go.
          Oldsmagnet -- Sidney MT


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            Re: Calling all bowlers

            Since I'm a mechanic at 2 houses in town, although 1 is a nice "Center" & the other is an old "Alley", we do "share" bowlers in exactly the way you've just described. Just last week we swapped winter league schedules with instructions to each other on which nights are the strongest & weakest. It does work & who can argue this kind of win - win situation?


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              Re: Calling all bowlers

              My nearest competitor is in Cuba, so I don't have any problems ,however I don't think trying to develop new business is unethical. Competition for bowlers is what allows centers to make more improvements making the game better for all of us and our customers
              Ken Forst "The meek may inherit the earth but the truly demented will still rule it"


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