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    I just had a masters travel league in here last night, I popped in to see how they were doing, one guy was working on a 279 in the first game. Then I noticed something different...... nobody was complaining about lane conditions, or anything for that matter! I was still in uniform, and up front watching. For bowlers of this caliber I expected to catch all kinds of questions and complaints about lane conditions, then I found out something interesting, they have a rule in their contract that says if anyone in the league complains about lane conditions they get fined $10.00. Seriously, this is the best rule I have ever heard. Do any of you have similar rules in any league contracts?
    and then he said, "on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness" so I got that going for me...... which is nice!

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    Re: New League Rules

    Never heard of it, but I love it!
    I'm going to suggest it to as many people as possible.


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      Re: New League Rules

      In the Detroit area we have a traveling classic league. They represent the best bowlers in the immediate and surrounding area. You couldn't drag a comment, opinnion or start a discusion about lane conditions with ANY league member. They simply are not allowed to coment about lane conditions. This may be a result of the past. You move your regular league to make room for them. (remember the every week league is the group that pays the bills and then some) Your traveling league comes in, shoots bad and verbally tears you and your center a new one. After several years of this they have no center to travel to. Just my thoughts.


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        Re: New League Rules

        Another angle on this whole thought... Seems there's an awful competitive nature in situations like that... There's some possibility that once one bowler finally figures out a lane, he ~sure~ ain't gonna tell the next guy... Let 'em figure it out on their own, and hopefully gain a shot or two's advantage. ...sounds like something ~I'd~ do
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