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  • Open play discount

    I’ve moved this here from the marketing forum cause it doesn’t seem to be getting any responses there.
    An idea hit me the other night while I was watching the last customers of the night clean up after themselves & put the house balls back on the rack. All this time I'm thinking to myself, "Boy, you don't see that much anymore. They deserve a discount."
    I thought I'd give it the Bowl-Tech test before suggesting it to the boss.
    Let’s say that you normally raise the price of lineage 10% per year. What if you were to raise the price 20% and promote a 10% discount if they put all their house balls away & clean up after themselves?
    This is in a 24 lane house where you can easily see all the settees from the desk.
    Other than common courtesy, (which doesn't exist much anymore) what incentive do people have to clean up after themselves?
    I think it could be a win-win situation. What does everyone else think?

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    Re: Open play discount

    Hey Dutch, I understand what you are saying but how far does the clean up have to go. Dump and wipe out all ashtrays in the area. Anything spilled on tables. After all we are in the service bussiness. Dollars and cents we would be better off having a porter (we call them floor boys) who makes minimum to clean up and still get full price. You posed an interesting question. Just my opinion.


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      Re: Open play discount

      lets say that happens...people call and hear that you charge $5 per game...they go else where....oh and what would the front people do...compared to my job you guys don't do anything as it is...*L*..but then this is a mechanics point of view...on my 2nd job which I am called a "pin boy" which I hate
      I put the balls away and throw trash away at the end of the night....hhmmm...thats a thought...good luck getting people to bowl at that price


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        Re: Open play discount

        The extent of the clean-up would only include putting their house balls away & throwing their trash away. The rest would still be up to the desk person. (or porters if you're lucky enough to have them)


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