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Need Summer Promotion Ideas


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  • Need Summer Promotion Ideas

    I own a 4 lane bowling alley in a small town and i am looking for some ideas or promotions to get people in here during the summer months with out it costing alot. I have already checked out the kids bowl free program and at this time it is to cost prohibitve. any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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    I was thinking about some kind of bowling season's pass. Estabish a price for a month or the whole summer and how it would work. Maybe something like $50 per person per month and this would entitile them to 3 games of bowling a day.


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      Make it fun for someone to come out, do a pizza & bowling league with a pitcher of soda. Adult child leagues are always good for the summer and so are have a ball leagues. I prefer the 4 week plastic ball league as it gives them an investment and gets them started in league play, make sure you do your plastic ball league before your have a ball @ 12 weeks so you can get them in both.

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        Kids Bowl Free

        I understand the cost concerns but it works, made the 16 laner we operated summmer! Maybe look for another business in town to co sponsor it with you. Get them in the school and you will be busy.


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          Try doing your own kids bowl free program. Also, you can try having a family night


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            I agree with Josh.... Doing your own KBF is simple and really only cost you business cards from walmart and a little ink and get them in the schools NOW! Kids Bowl Free program is 2-games.... you can do one game and make the 2nd game 1 or 2 bucks... Do you have a snack bar? theres $$ there too!
            Mark W.


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              Originally posted by chris1122 View Post
              I have already checked out the kids bowl free program and at this time it is to cost prohibitve.
              Last year we MADE money with KBF. You must Sell Sell Sell the family fun passes. I paid for the program AND made $125.

              Do you have a kitchen/ snack-bar counter? I made some coin from KBF with food sales and arcade play too.

              That's a tough area, been cooped up all winter... they all want to play outside.
              What else have you tried?

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                Originally posted by PinCup View Post
                That's a tough area, been cooped up all winter... they all want to play outside.PinCup
                This is the toughest thing about bowling in the summer. Even when my boss gives me the hard sell to bowl in the summer. My response is "When you get that retractable roof installed."
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                  Guaranteed winner:
                  1. I have a varsity bowling team
                  2. They need booster money
                  3. Summer lineage is $10
                  4. I am filling 16 lanes of trio Monday from the booster kids
                  5. I am rebating the booster club $2 per bowler per night = 3 X 48 x 14 week = $1344 for the booster club

                  The parents and kids all signed up to fund the booster program this way - easier than a candy sale or any other fundraiser.

                  I am now full on a night that last summer was dead.

                  The cheapest league you will ever buy!


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