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    Social media is a great place to communicate with your customers.

    Do your business a favor and,
    choose your words carefully.

    While I completely understand the frustration, I don't understand the approach.
    You should always respond to a posted bad review, here's an example of how NOT to do it.
    The firestorm this post created was the nail in the coffin for this business venture.
    News travels very fast within a community. Especially when driven by an offended and pissed off Erin J*****s.

    What could spark such an attack?
    Erin J*****s NEVER open! Have driven to this place many times only to find the doors locked with a sign up! No way to run a business....

    Sarah K Has the website, doors and any marketing flyers, etc been changed to reflect the correct operating hours of said establishment? So employee/owner/business partner/?? "C***** W*****" doesn't have a "bad day" again, if someone posts a bad review, cause the hours have changed and no one thought to change the tools used to promote business with. I'm sure it was just an oversight and easily fixable.

    Cari P Less than one star. They have no respect for their customers.

    Amanda J Not impressed with their unprofessional rant on social media directly towards a customer. I would hate to go there and be publicly humiliated over inquiring about a service offered.

    *------* It has come to our attention that one of our associates demeaned one of our customers on social media yesterday. On behalf of B***** T***, myself, and our associate, we are deeply sorry for this situation and the hurt that it has caused. We appreciate and care about all of our customers. I have passed on my personal contact info to the affected parties to personally offer my apologies to them and their families. Our associate let a bad day get the best of his decisions. Many of us can relate. There are many things that could be said about the situation, but our hope is to respond with love. Only love can conquer hate. For each and every one of us, our character is revealed in our response. We are so appreciative of our customers who avoided becoming a part of the drama, as well as those who took an opportunity to share that this bad decision of one doesn't reflect the character or feelings of so many more that help make B***** T*** a reality. I am so very thankful for our friends, family, and customers that personally contacted me to let me know what was going on and shared in our heartbreak. Thank you for caring not just about our business but our families. We ask that you please pray for the families that were hurt by this situation. Please pray for our associate and his family as well. In the meanwhile, we will continue to make attempts to personally apologize to these families. We will continue to address this situation with our associate and make appropriate changes. We will be making a social media policy. Most importantly, we will concentrate on doing what we do best, hosting great parties for great children! Thank you!

    *------* B******* T**** would like to give Erin J*****s, her family, and friends a public apology for the personal insult that was posted on the personal social media page of one of our business partners. This was a mistake on his part, and it was a poor reflection of the values and principles of those involved in this business and the ones we want reflected in our customer service. We seek forgiveness from these parties, and we will continue to reinforce the values and principles we do wish to shine through our interactions with our customers. Thank you for your support!

    Sarah K B****** T**** is a nice place with good food, however this bad review has to do with the calling out and bashing of a friend on social media over a review she gave because the door, website and phone msg all had wrong information on it...I personally will never be back because of some other issues but good luck b****** t*** and you might have a "come to jesus" meeting with your partner "who is prone to bad days" if you plan to stick around.

    Jessica W I wish I could give this place less than one star. It baffles me that a company allows employees to cyber bully customers. Over something as simple as business hours. (Which by the way are posted wrong on the door, website, and answering machine) Then you people have the audacity to tell her she's the one bullying you? I mean give me a break she wasn't even the one telling everyone how awful you people are. Anyone with common sense can look at that mans post and know that they wouldn't take their child anywhere this man was. No one sealed the fate of your sinking ship of a business but yourselves. By the way learn how to write an appropriate apology the next time one of your employees has "a bad day."

    Jennifer G One of the owners has a very bad mouth and spoke to a customer like a piece of trash.

    Victoria W We've been here a few times but will not return. After what I've seen on FB I refuse to spend my hard earned money at an establishment with owners like this.

    Kristyn B Will never step in a place that treats ppl like they did and leave a fake apology!! You deserve to have no business!!!

    Daniel D They treat customers with utter disrespect and make demeaning remarks then give a blanketed BS "we are deeply saddened" and "an associate of ours" apology on social media!!!! You can't expect to treat people the way you do and expect business!!! Sickening

    Susan D Can't believe he said that about a customer will not be taking my grandchildren here again very disappointing

    Erika V I was going to host my daughter birthday here, but not after seeing how they blast their customers on social media. Great job at ruining your business.

    Plus another 19 comments that are 1 star reviews containing the same sediment expressed above, about this one... "bad day rant".

    WOW!! Imagine that kind of talk about YOUR business.
    That would be tough to recover from, agree?
    Choose your words carefully indeed.

    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.

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    was this an owner or just employee? Amazing how many people a single employee can either bring in or keep out or your business
    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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      This was an owner/partner.

      We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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        I assume "nail in the coffin" means closed permanently. If they closed during the week for a year and still had weekday hours posted on their web site, front doors, and answering machine they were in the porcelain bowl anyway and the rant just pushed down on the shiny handle.

        There is a roller skating rink in my area that is only open weekends except for special occasions but they make sure customers and potential customers can easily find out when they are open. I don't think they are getting rich but they keep the doors open.


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          Originally posted by mr.badwrench View Post
          I assume "nail in the coffin" means closed permanently.
          If they're not, they will be soon. An indoor bouncy castle type business, they spent so much keeping the "warehouse" cool in summer and warm in winter, it doesn't pay it's own way.
          I got wind of an old shuffle alley they are selling, but only had his name. A facebook search led me to the firestorm of comments posted above. I went to look at the game and he had a long list of reasons the business didn't work, he never mentioned the "I blew up at a customer on facebook" as one of them. He seemed like a nice guy, but I waited till the next day to submit my low-ball offer via text message. Yes, I'm a coward. It's pretty much a parts machine anyway.

          I think my response the to original review would have went something like this;
          -Erin, My apologies for the confusion. I corrected the hours on our web site, phone message, and sign the on our front door. Please stop by during regular hour and ask our front desk staff for the envelope with your name on it. It has a coupon for a free admission to the facility.

          A negative into a positive.
          Much better than "You're a stupid entitled bitch! Never come here again."

          We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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