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ball damage


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  • ball damage

    havent solved this one yet. this lane is also the one that cut some real grooves into my ball, unfortanetly no pics of mine.

    im thinking it most likely is in the lift rods. the rods on this lane have lots of back and forth play on their line up with the ball wheel.

    i welcome any advice/guesses...
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    Re: ball damage

    do u have any other pics. the only one i can see dosn't have a great veiw. pm a link the them if u can.
    the "Shermanator"


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      Re: ball damage

      i took at least a dozen pics of it, and of a scond ball with matching marks. hard to get a good pic, the glare of the lights...

      both spots on both balls are about a quarter wide, but a little strecthed. the spots are grinded, and make flat spots on the balls.

      this lane also got my ball, on mine it was skinnier, deeper longer grooves, with none of the blackening to the wound the other balls recieved.

      as i mentioned i suspect something in the lift rod area. that lane needs new rubbers, but my main concern is the bushing in the clapper box. it has a LOT of play, and i think one of the bushings may be busted up somehow.

      could the fre play be allwoing contact with the rear frame or pinwheel. i could see the frame leaving the marks in the pic, and the pinwheel coulda carved my ball.

      when i get home again i will try and play with photoshop to produce a more visible pic. also got some pics to add to the homemade tools i gotta upload....


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        Re: ball damage

        it could. this is what i would do. find the brightest house ball u have, and keep trowing it on that lane. when u get the same marks, go over the machine with a bright flashlight and look for shavings, powerer, or anything of the sort. usually works good for me. have you put any "helper" springs on it to keep it from wobbling as much?
        the "Shermanator"


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          Re: ball damage

          we do have some bright red and pink balls... the problem with that lies in the fact its been getting balls for awhile apperently, and there already is a pile of shavings between the ball wheel and pit board. one of the "pics" that is shown only as a red x is a pic of that pile...
          to get new fresh shavings and to see where they come from and where they land would require removing the pit board and cleaning below it. which is needed, but i would like to have this fixed 1st, so i dont need to clean again afterwards.

          havent tried any springs yet. where would be the best point to attach one?
          got some lift rod rubber on order, hoping it gets here soon, but shipping delays/lost orders/orders need even filed in their system with our current local distrubutor have us wanting a new supplier.... need to recover one of spares and put in this machine, if it is a bushing we will be able to see...

          funny i'm doing a ball damage thread right now. just had a y track break, kept lifting the ball and dropping it right back into the pit. small scratches all over...


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            Re: ball damage

            A hi ball wheel gard on the 7 pin side ball is hitting the tip of gard AS BALL PASSES OVER IT


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              Re: ball damage

              quite possible we pauls. there are shavings in that area....

              have to give that good looking at when i go in today. other than missing bolt, could it be high for another reason? like cracked frame or something with its mounting?

              got a new pic of damage. need to get it loaded in. this ball has a better finish on it for taking pics without lots of glare. very similiar damage pattern, from same lane.


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                Re: ball damage

                working on that lane tonight. finally got our order of lit rod cover in. got one rebuilt and ready to go in.

                so i pulled old one out. it's ready for it, but not so badly that the ball should have been able to hit the rods themeselves.
                bushings on/in the clapper were incredibly dry. the fwd bushing on the main shaft (the one where you bolt it up, attached to the frame in the rear, as opposed to the shaft in the clapper box itself) is pretty chewed up, but not as badly as i expexted it may be.

                the guard wepauls was speaking of is fully bolted in, and the top sets well below the ball wheel. it does look like its been rubbed on there, but the size of the mark is much smaller than what we are seeing on balls.

                i noticed the ball wheel guide roller, lower 7 pin side is having the rubber detereight, not toasted and missing chunks, but preparing for a total loss of its rubber. gonna R+R that in the morning.

                right now i got the pit board and lift rods out of the machine. gonna go happy with my camera tonight. gonna let my boss look it over before i put it back together (and before i take the shop vac to it).

                so i'm gonna have more pics on this lane/issue. however i havent had much luck getting pic in here, and i have no idea at all how to add it to a running forum.
                can someone help me with this?
                i could email (regular email using my yahoo account) my pics to someone (of which i will have a nice stack of) and maybe they could help me out....


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                  Re: ball damage

                  have a look at your drop sweep cover and your 2bys above you ball track in the subway
                  keep it simple


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                    Re: ball damage

                    First time poster,some time viewer here.

                    I'm the full time/only mechanic in our 14 lane A-2 center. We have had recent problems with ball damage caused by pins blocking the ball path either in the lift rods or at the 7pin side shock absorber.

                    For now,I'd just like to pick everyone's brain out there as to their experience and/or part usage in two areas of this:

                    1) The pin deflector piece at the 7pin side shock absorber
                    2) Any use of bungee cords in this area,whether in the lower area of the lift rods or anywhere else

                    To make a long story short,the "help" I've reached out for so far does not seem to offer ANYTHING in terms of consistent answers or solutions. It makes more sense at this point to
                    speak directly to the men and women who deal with this on a daily basis.

                    Thanks for having me here...hope to participate on a more regular basis,and I look forward to the replies.


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                      Re: ball damage

                      Originally posted by tjbjeepn
                      have a look at your drop sweep cover and your 2bys above you ball track in the subway
                      i probaly will end up checking those areas before i find the cause here, but i am doubtful that anything after the Y in the track can be the cause. every ball it has damaged came out of lane 8, none came out of its partner lane 7.

                      among the people it has gotten is me twice, once several weeks ago, once 2 days ago, after the work i have done so far (i'll get to mentioning that in a second). also it has gotten one of my friends while i was bowling with him, and another employee who has only using that one lane (not crossbowling). so i have four different occasions of very similiar marking all from the one machine and none from its partner.

                      work i have done at this point.
                      lower ball wheel quide roller 7 pin side. rubber was deterioated and would have started seperation soon. one of the plastic flanges on that was somehow ground down half the diffence between the origanil size and the rubbers diameter.

                      upper quide roller 10 pin side. pretty much same deal on the rubber.

                      lift rod. cover was splitting at top. had lots of side to side play (in relation to ball wheel centering, foward and backward play in relation to machine itself). old bushings intact but grooves carved from up and downs over time without proper lubrication. (they need a hole in this area for oil to get into the oilite bushings)
                      recovered a spare one, installed new bushings in clapper assembly. side to side play much decreased.

                      none of these things is the cause. it got my ball 2 days after those repairs were done.

                      mhdowney, i have just asked almost the same question in the a-2 section. look for a thread called spinning/jammed ball emlimator.

                      hopefully someone has already answered for us.


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                        Re: ball damage

                        mhdowney, correction this is the topic you may want to look at:

                        confused myself with another post.....


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                          Re: ball damage

                          heres links to my pics of what i replaced so far on this. need to get more of the balls themselves loaded. but that is another day.


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                            Re: ball damage

                            check the SBE if the rubber starts to slide on it and exposes the metal it can leave marks. also something ive encountered recently is on the side of our pindecks there is these pieces of would that are screwed on and some screws have backed out pretty far, and where nicking balls, also check kickback for backed out screwes or nails


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                              Re: ball damage

                              old set of lift rods had no SBE installed with them.

                              set i rebuilt and installed already had a donckey dick, left it on when i installed.

                              we got wood lanes here, and are in need of something new soon. so i have seen lots of screw and nail damage.
                              a screw in the gutter with a large head that catches the ball tends to leave a mark something like you gouged a piece out with a fingernail. 1/2 moonish in shape, maybe a 1/4" deep.
                              a screw sticking up in the lane, or tailboard (yes i have found these) will leave a scratch in the ball. scartch usually has a curve to it from the ball spinning slightly as it hits it.
                              a nail from the kickbacks can do wounds similiar to either of those.

                              tose arent the kind of marks we're getting. (tried and tried to get a good pic, never comes out nicely. glare or just not bright enough marking of the damage). typical mark is more of a grinding mark. typical is about the diameter of a quarter wide, skinniest mark has been about 1/4" wide, but was deeper than wider marks.
                              sometimes it is 2 seperate marks, sometimes they are connected.
                              one case (most recent, my ball) had a half dollar sized mark, skipped about 1 1/2" did the tiniest 1/4x1/4" mark very lightly, skipped 1/2" did a dime sized mark. didnt even try for a pic of that one, black ball with grayed spots. would not have shown well.
                              when the marks connect one mark will be about quarter sized, and mark is about dime sized. from "front" of 1st to "back" of 2nd mark tends to be about 2". in between the two "coins" the connecting line will taper in and out to match with the size on either end, but can get very skinny in the middle and stays very much on the surface, no depth to it.

                              again, these are grinding marks. imagine a belt sander with some really rough paper in it. sand something with it going only in one direction. youll end up with a bunch of scratch lines all running side by side in the same direction. thats pretty much what i am seeing on the balls


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