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Help with this ball damage. Brunswick A-2s...Picture posted


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  • Help with this ball damage. Brunswick A-2s...Picture posted

    I am not too good with ball damage and where to find it. See the photo below. Have A-2s, with Accelerator/Retarders and Brunswick power lifts. This was the only ball to get damage and it happened in the 1st frame of the evening.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	balldamage1.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	balldamage.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	balldamage3.JPG
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    Just got sent this photo, this was from the other night on the same pair of lanes. Different type of damage.

    Maybe its something in the retarder strip area?
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    Check the ball wheel guard on 7 pin side.
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      I always check the lift rods for loose hose clamps, gutters for colors (ball shavings) and screws. I got similar damage as the top pic once when I popped a ball out of the ditch and caught the bottom of the rake arm once (yes there was dead wood) But for sure check all tracks.

      Find the rainbow and ye found the damage ! :p Good Luck and Happy Hunting !!


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        look for broken ball track at ball lift ,looks like it is hitting the side of the lift


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          Te first one looks a lot like a belt burn(not as bad as the 3 balls, see below), or even the power lift V wheel burning due to old belts. Was the ball stuck in the power lift?

          The 3 balls look as if they stopped in the middle of the lift rods and had the ball wheel belt rubbing on them. Check to see if the ball wheel is seated properly on the bottom rollers. I have had pinchasers replace upper BW guide rollers and not remove the ball wheel belt tension spring causing very oily balls to yo-yo or stop mid ball rod. This can also cause the belt to slip off the wheel where it can contact the balls.


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            The 1st ball the guy throw it down the lane, left a wash out and the ball came back. He picked it up and showed me the damage right away. Bowled his spare and that was the end of the damage for the night. This guy is an honest guy and doesn't bowl much so it didn't happen at another center.

            The 3 ball pic was from last week I was told and I am not sure what the background on that was.


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              Looks like you have a broken retarder section under the approach. What breaks is the flat piece on the bottom of the retarder, where the ball jumps from the return track to the retarder. This happens because of misalignment side-to-side, or worn retarder strips that allow the ball to hit the bottom of the retarder when transitioning to the retarder.

              Take your retarder strips out and swap them side for side if you don't have new ones built. This will raise the ball at the transfer point between the return track and retarder.

              Pulling the retarder section out is a pain in the butt, the power lift has to come out first.


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                I believe it's in the retarder/strips myself. I just didn't know what I was looking for. This place is falling apart, and the carpet strips are in very bad shape. I only work once a week so I'm starting to really see more and more problems. I think somebody pulled the strips out a few weeks ago and taped the carpet back on. The whole thing must be a mess.

                I've never worked at a place that had this type of system. It's way too fast and the balls come back with too much force. We don't need speed here as people bowl as a social activity and take their sweet old time!

                I personally would like to take the whole thing out, and either go gravity fed or slow the long belt down and get rid of the retarder under lane all together.


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                  Originally posted by KWagner View Post
                  I personally would like to take the whole thing out, and either go gravity fed or slow the long belt down and get rid of the retarder under lane all together.

                  The center that I work full time at was built without retarders and had the slower booster motors on the accellerators....I really like this setup. I don't like the few experiences I have had with working in centers with retarders


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                    Looked at it again last night and the retarder track is indeed busted from the weld about 3 feet up from the power lift. Going to have to get some people in to assist in taking the power lift, retarder track out and get it welded.

                    I might try new carper strips first. The carpet strips on the lanes now look so beat up that flipping them may not work. Have to give it a try I guess.


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                      Always a good idea to slow your accelerators down. I love my Ball Boosters (Jetback) Never seen a retarder to tell you the truth.


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