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Strange ball damage


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  • Strange ball damage

    We have 3 bowlers that are always the ones getting ball damage here. One is a 12 lb Hammer ball with a small balance hole. One is a 16 lb Older Zone Pro with a big balance hole and the Other is a 15 lb Roto Grip Ball. If we have 10 instances in the last year of ball damage 9 of them are with thee 3 balls. I do what I can to repair or clean up the balls and even bake and resurface them for their troubles. This was good for 2 of the 3 bowlers but the third bowler is very loud and is not understanding at all about this. The Damage always seems to come from the underlane conversion kits somewhere. This is not usually a problem it just get these 3 bowlers 2-3 times this last year.

    Is it possible that these balls are weighted funny that makes them "wobble" and jump off the tracks? We were very carefull installing this system it just happens to these 3 balls.

    Also, how do you keep this type of customer from messing with your business? I have agreed to replace her ball if she comes in and orders one. And the thing that burns my ass most is that even after telling her I will replace her ball she still makes a scene.

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    what kind of damage are we talking here?

    If its small type of wear and tear damage, then chances are that other bowlers are getting similar damage over time.....and these are the complainers of the bunch who are trying to take advantage of free ball makovers from the center. Some small nicks and scrapes we don't bother will fixing....its part of the game. If they want their ball to stay new, get them to put it in a glass case on a shelf at their home!

    If it is big or deep damage you are seeing...the type that warrants fixing, then some investigation might be warranted.


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      Its pretty good damage but has only happened to these 3 balls. No other balls get damaged that time or within a few days. Just these 3 balls.


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        Originally posted by kneedeep View Post
        Its pretty good damage but has only happened to these 3 balls. No other balls get damaged that time or within a few days. Just these 3 balls.
        Same pair? What up front lift?


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          Different pairs. Brunswick power lifts. No other balls on the pair get damaged when they bowl. Just these 3 balls. I think im going to buy them from them and shoot them.


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            Must be these 3 balls are slight larger in circumference than anything else and are most likely getting nicked by something that any other ball can't touch. I'd check for nails/screws in the underlane and in the powerlifts. I remember Columbia Vectors having a problem like this in the late 80's at my home center. They were the only balls that would get stuck at the transition of the C-tracks in a powerlift. Had about 10 get burned with flat spots on them, by the lift tires, in the transition from lower C-track to upper C-track!


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              Try removing corners on the C track.
              I'm going fishing and camping!


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                Do the three bowlers bowl at another center, then bringing you the problem.


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                  What type of lane surface do you have? What does the damage look like? Can you take a picture and post it? If it is only three people who are having ball damage what are their one common circumstance? The first thing that comes to my mind is foul line damage. I have AMF HPL lanes, with wood approach. On my lanes their is a foul line piece that is in between the wood approach and the synthetic lane. Sometimes when a bowler releases the ball early it will land squarely on the foul line, and cause damage. Remember that the average weight and velocity of a bowling ball at the time it is released has an impact around 2500 PSI impact on the lane, or foul line.


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