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What could be causing this type of Pin dmage


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  • What could be causing this type of Pin dmage

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    What could be the cause of the slashing marks on this pin. We have a pair of lanes that the pins are like this and we have not been able to located the cause of the damage. any suggestion on where to look? We have 82-70's with the stringer style bins
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    Cracked, bent Plow. Weld repair on plow sharp?
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      Could also be a cracked O-pan maybe. Definitely something the pin rolls on/against.


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        Kickback nail? More than one lane?


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          Not sure on the slashing but I have seen the head pin tracks on the bin make small nicks all around a pin like that. If that's happening you should see the pin chips.


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            Look in the table, gutters, on the floor at the tail plank, under and at the back of the machines on the floor, under the ball doors for a pile of red and white pin shavings. That will tell you the general area you need to look at. Do the front of the metal kickbacks stick out in front of the wood ones......are the flat gutters broken on the side?


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              How about a long shot....check the back of the sweep assembly.
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                Pie that a good one and I will add to that. The long scratches look like its getting dragged by something like an exposed metal kickback. As far as the sweep brackets, they MUST have the acorn nuts on the back where they would contact pins.


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                  The aluminum sweep brackets had a rounded edge on the back. The new steel brackets have a sharp edge on the back. Causes alot of pin damage, but probably not yours. Rounding that edge off with an angle grinder fixed 90% of our pin damage.
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                    I would check the pinwheel for a broken or missing pin holder. Check the rivets where the pin holders are too to make sure one isn't sticking out too far.
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                      O-Pan cracked at the peg? Pin idling on the tailplank with something sticking out?


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                        Check your kickback also the nicks around the belly of the pin check your pinwheel for cracks.


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                          As someone else stated look for pin debris.
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                            since no one else mentioned it yet check the ball ring or the cushion. shape edged rivet around the ball ring or piece of debris stuck in the cushion
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                              Yeah seeing as this was from some time ago, was the cause of the damage ever found? If not we had an almost exact same thing, turned out was a broken shuttle tube was catching and scratching pins....
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