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Computer Usage at work


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  • Computer Usage at work


    How many have computers at work, and what are they used for?

    Inventory of parts???
    Service on Machines???
    Ordering Parts???
    Frames per call???

    If used for inventory or Service on machines,
    What program is used???

    Is internet usage monitored and how???

    Do any companys let you order parts over internet???

    Lots of Questions

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    Re: Computer Usage at work

    Although I currently don't have a computer at work (it crashed), I did use a pretty good inventory program..

    It is made by A-2 Technologies and sold through Quality..They have both DOS and Windows versions available..The inventory and prices are all updateable.

    The version I have (Windows) also includes an electronic stop sheet for logging FPS, and a locker management program

    It also has an ares to log PM...

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      Re: Computer Usage at work

      I have a computer in my office.

      It is used to surf the net.
      No parts inventory - Who has time?
      Make flyers or banners.
      Locker lists & such.



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        Re: Computer Usage at work

        I've got a slow computer in the shop. I use it for inventory, mainly. It's a database we manually entered into Microshaft Works. Other uses include Century lane machine programs, Computer Lane Monitor programs and e-mail checking when there's time.
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        I never, ever use it to check Bowl-tech. Honest.


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          Re: Computer Usage at work

          Trying to convince the owner that it would not be used for games or surfing (except bowltech), but not yet. Told him I would use all my own equipment and software. Still waiting.
          Do work at home for work...keeping a history of repairs and distributor jams; signs and forms; log sheets; wiring diagrams; etc. (I like to draw stuff)


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            Re: Computer Usage at work

            I use my computer mostly for reading lane tapes and a database of phoenix/s programs. Also some pm and charting progress of ongoing projects.No internet


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              Re: Computer Usage at work

              Well, the boss just got a ~new~ PC in the office, used for Quickbooks mainly, and games for her son when he's there. We did email through the old one, but they passworded this one, so I haven't used it yet. (I used the old one a ~lot~ to get on this site right here :p Now I just bring down my laptop whenever I'll need a confuzer... I load up MP3s on the laptop and use it for Rock n bowl and our Vegas Bowl. Much easier than carting 800 CDs around... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] I want to get a back room computer for inventory and breakdown logging, but... yeah that'll happen [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
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