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Laptop shopping, advice wanted


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  • Laptop shopping, advice wanted

    My old Thinkpad t-43 is fried. Fan malfunctioned, crappy BIOS let the machine run until it was too late. Processor is fried, fixing it is cost prohibitive.

    I use my lapper as my everyday machine. Mostly for internet, watching DVD's, audio editing with SAW, Adobe Audition, SoundForge, and the occasional image mangling with PhotoShop and GIMP.

    I have no problem buying a refurbished machine.

    Please respond with your suggestions.

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    Try ebay
    I'm going fishing and camping!


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      Personally I would look at a Dell refurbished machine.
      So far I have owned 4 Dell laptops and have not had a single problem with any of them. If you look on the dell site they have a place to shop for their refurbs.
      You don't have to be crazy to do this job...But it helps!


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        A refurb machine is as good as a new one, but for less money. The reason is simple. A refurb has been gone through, from top to bottom and front to back; and in some cases, the refurb is better than new. Dell, HP & Lenovo sell refurbed laptops.


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          I got a Toshiba note book ( NB505) from Sears. $240.00 free shipping


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            I got 2 from ebay.One was a compaq and the other was a thinkpad t43.Both were refurbished and had a 90 day full warranty from the ebay seller.I had zero problems with either ebay sellers laptops.
            Check the feedback from other buyers.If i could find who i got mine from i'd like to get another.
            Both were loaded with many upgrades like a dvd-r/w burner,better graphic cards etc and ran wonderful.
            I paid about $140.00 for each,or close to w/o shipping a few years back.Personally i preferred the IBM over compaq.


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              So, any thoughts on the Lenovo era Thinkpads? From what I've heard they're not the greatest. I love Thinkpads, but I'd also like to move into something that has a dual core processor and at least 3 or 4 gigs of RAM.


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                On the side I build computers for fun. I personally like ASUS laptops. The specs on this one are pretty nice. ATI graphics card. None of that INTEL graphics card BS. Here's a link to the laptop $399. A lot of power for 400 bucks.


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