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Your dream shop would have...........


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  • Your dream shop would have...........

    My dream shop would have a 3/4 bathroom so I can shower after a 12 hour shift. It would also contain a device that would deliver a mild electric shock to the boss when he forgets to return a tool he "borrowed". A wood stove would be great to stay warm on those long cold Colorado nights. (Plus I could get rid of a bunch of broken pins)

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    let me be myself

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    Re: Your dream shop would have...........

    Si Senor, Derdago, Forte Lorez inaro.
    Demainte Lorez, Demis Trux,
    Foolacous Andens Andux.


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      Re: Your dream shop would have...........

      This one is easy! My dream shop would have:

      Air conditioning for the summertime.
      A computer for parts inventory, call sheets, PM records, scheduling, etc.
      My own personal tool set in a LOCKED cabinet.
      A shower.
      Lockers for the c-mechanics so they don't leave their crap all over my desk.
      A table saw, drill press, air compressor, decent workbenches, decent lighting, and a press.
      More storage area for spare parts.

      Hey..if you're going to dream, dream big I say!


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        Re: Your dream shop would have...........

        My shop currently has:

        A shower
        sperate desk/benches
        drill press
        table saw
        kick ass stereo
        full electronic diagnostic equipment
        pro shop

        did i mention that the shop is 14 feet wide
        by 80 feet long.

        On the wish list:

        plasma cutter/welder
        camera monitering of problem pinsetter

        I know i sound spoiled, but it took almost
        10 years to get what we have.


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          Re: Your dream shop would have...........

          Now that I think about it I guess our shop is fairly well outfitted.

          Cable TV
          Both a desk and two work benches
          Added lighting
          My own toolbox (locked)
          File cabinet
          let me be myself


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            Re: Your dream shop would have...........

            My dream shop would BE A SHOP! dont have one unless you include that whole back end, but am building myself a nice little desk area, 16 by 6 that if I can get away with it, will put sliding glass doors on it so I can air condition it and get out of the noise once in awhile. Cable TV sounds nice too! Got all the tools I need, just need a little of my own space.


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              Re: Your dream shop would have...........

              I must be spoiled. I have:
              a/c in
              my own office
              my own tools (I paid for)
              washer & dryer
              nice shop but could use improvements
              but the best & most important part is a good running center!!!


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                Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                I'n not spoiled but I own the place and this is just a sample of what I have:
                10hp 60 tank with air lines from one end to the other
                2-metal lathes
                1-wood lathe
                20 ton press
                3 ton arbor press
                2 wire feed welders 1 cc\cv
                1 ac dc stick welder
                1 75 amp plasma cutter
                1 cutting torch
                2 floor model drill presses
                1 bench top drill press
                10" table saw
                12" sliding compound miter saw
                12" planer
                40 gal parts tank
                2 ton Electric hoist with beams
                Every 18 volt product DeWalt comes out with
                complete set of tools every 6 lanes
                1 closed shop for electrical with oscilloscopes, 2 soldering stations and anything you can think of electrical
                1 open shop 20x14
                1 closed shop for paper work
                desk in open area
                3 cpu's 1 in each area
                3 rolling tool cabinets 1 for me and 2 for the help and none are locked

                Keep in mind that I have 7 rental houses I have to work on in the summer time so I have a use for everything. This keeps the staff happy because they get to work construction in the summer and keep their hours up. I used to build houses so I still do some remodeling for some old customers on the side as well.

                I am a firm believer in having the right tool for the right job and if there is one out there that makes my job faster and easier then I just have to have it, if you don't believe it just ask my wife. The worst part of it is that I don't feel that I have near what I deserve yet, but I'll get there one day.

                Have fun with it, life is good


                David Bolt
                Champaign, IL
                USBC Silver Coach
                IBPSIA BOD
                IBPSIA Advanced
                Technical Certified
                Pro Shops


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                  Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                  Drill has my dream shop !!

                  Mike Wilson
                  Bowl-Tech Inc..


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                    Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                    My "dream" shop pales everything mentioned thus far, but frankly I'd be happy to just have a closet with a door I can get out of the noise in. About the only ~really~ useful thing in my current shop are the 12 worn out pinsetters..... We've got an air compressor. No air tools, but we've got an air compressor

                    But since we're dreaming here....

                    Being a car nut, my dream shop would have a garage door and a hoist or ten... wire feed, plasma cutter, every air tool ever made a paint booth, and about 40 acres of indoor storage! And I'd airbrush ~flames~ on every pinsetter!!!!!

                    Aah... back to reality... Like I said, I'd just be happy to be out of the noise.

                    I think I'll start a new thread, on that thought...
                    Oldsmagnet -- Sidney MT


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                      Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                      Wow! My shop doesn't even have a sink or a toilet! Have to go up front to wizz unless you like going in the outside storage area!


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                        Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                        cool! flames on the deck shields & rake boards!

                        a 50's style center called bel air lanes!


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                          Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                          Dont forget the hottub and a long draw sytem from the beer kegs to the shop
                          and then he said, "on your death bed, you will receive total consciousness" so I got that going for me...... which is nice!


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                            Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                            Mine would have Home Improvements Tool Time female assistant!


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                              Re: Your dream shop would have...........

                              A lathe, milling machine, MIG, and 20 ton press would finish mine off ...

                              But the most important thing: a robot that sweeps the floor and seeks out tools and returns them to their proper places, the carbon-based units I have now seem to be missing this important software update



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